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Thursday, 29 December 2022

In between

I have opened both saving jars, neither of the contents will be used any time soon, in our German beer bottle, we had £38.51 all of which went back into the jar, we will keep saving until it's full. In my cow, we had £176 in £2coins, plus £120 in notes, most of the notes given to us as gifts, this will go towards a holiday somewhere warm and sunny next year. Hubby did get £50 on a gift card from his last employer for use in our local Co-op, we will use it in January and save money on our shopping. We don't use cash much and don't go shopping much these days so our cash savings take longer to grow, we don't mind, we can wait.

Christmas cake has been cut, and I'm pleased to say it's a good one, we will both enjoy a slice with our morning coffee, whilst it last. 

Nothing much is happening, my brother popped back for a night, and stayed two, the weather was horrible on Wednesday, he heads home to Somerset this morning. We have not travelled to any sales, we are not interested, I did pop into the Superdrug in the village and got a couple reduced gift sets, daughter and our local Portsmouth Downs Syndrome are having a fundraiser, so I can donate them. We met a neighbour who said Iceland had some lovely reduced meats, so we got 2 beef joints and a huge tray of chicken thighs for £12, it was Tuesday so we got the 10% off for pensioners discounts, so £10.80, we are very pleased.

Presents have been packed away, I had some lovely garden tools, can't wait to get using them, no books, but I still have the 2 from my birthday to read, I did get a very strange pizza slice tray for the microwave and a plastic container (which was broken) to store left overs in the fridge, I won't say who gave it to me (they don't follow my blog), I won't be using it. Both our stockings were full of foodie items we love, daughter gave us a pack of jars of pickles and our favourite biscuits, and photo of Will. We had photos of other grandsons, which is all we want, we ask the same each year, Christmas is expensive for families, so we are happy they use their money to give their children the best they can. Kev's daughter decided to give us a memory stick, which luckily fitted hubby's camera with loads of photo's on, how to complicate a simple request. My brother always gives money and my sister who had Covid, did not get round to finishing her gifts. We gave food hampers to my sister, brother and daughter, all were received happily, loads of lovely nibbles. 

I have been outside in the garden a few times, we have moved a couple more pots into the greenhouse, but I can see the cold snap in early December has killed a few plants. I have others I'm not sure will survive, but I will wait until next spring to see what comes back. My mulch dustbins are both full of shredded leaves, and my composter was full, but the contents has settled down, there will only be kitchen peelings going in for the next few months. I was given a few gardening items, which will be nice once spring is here to use, as always I can't wait to get outside again. 


  1. Like you, I hardly ever use cash, so accumulating saving from loose change takes a long time. Your Christmas cake looks very tasty. I just bought a tiny one this year, as I'm the only person who eats it. Christmas isn't the same without one though.

  2. I used to have lots of savings schemes on the go, squirrelling loose change away, which adds up so quickly, but like you, we hardly ever use cash these days so we don't bother saving in this way now. It's always exciting when you open the tins and find out how much you've saved though. I love this time between Christmas and New Year, I haven't been to one shop, Mick popped to Tesco to buy more cider, haha, we have four cider drinkers who have been here every day! I like the idea of sending photos on a memory card, it's a good way to send a lot of photos and then you can choose yourself which, if any, you'd like to have printed.

  3. I haven't opened my savings tin this year, I bought extra things in my weekly shop for months before Christmas and didn't do a big food shop, I will leave it for next year. I draw money out each week for my shopping, I prefer to pay cash as I shop better that way, plus, I think we need to use cash to try and deter a cashless society, how dreadful would that be!

  4. I always throw my change into a pretty tin and it is surprising how quickly it adds up, but, like you, I seldom use cash these days so it is taking much longer to fill it up :)

  5. Your Christmas cake looks and sounds delicious, and as you say it's nice to enjoy a slice with a morning (or afternoon) cuppa.

    All the best Jan



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