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Monday 26 December 2022

Christmas day / Boxing day

Daughter sent us a photo every year, taken after their bath time with their new PJ's on before bedtime. This collage is every Christmas eve from 2017 to this year, how lovely to see their family growing,  I love how even after her bath, Molly can still get a dirty face.  
Hubby was happy once again to cook Christmas lunch, daughter did the table, I with daddy played with the little ones, Turkey was cooked and ate, with all the traditional trimmings, lunch was early at 12.30, as the little ones would be too hungry to wait any later.  
Part way through Christmas morning, still with some more presents to open, they had far too much, but 3 happy children, loads of boxes waiting to go to the recycling bin. Both George and Molly had loads of wooden toys, much nicer than plastic, they each played together with their toys and shared. Will woke mummy and daddy up at 4.30 am and was sent back to bed, George and Molly woke at 7am. 

We woke at 8am and was at daughters house by 9.15am, all the veg prep was done the day before and placed in our steamer, so it was just a case of popping things in the oven at different times and watching everything cook. After lunch we all helped clear the table and pack the dishwasher, then rest and play with the children. Daddy sat with Will to help make a huge Lego set, Molly and George played, we sat and chatted with our daughter, by mid afternoon the two little ones were ready for a nap, so we drove home, allowing daughter and SIL to have some restful time together. Hubby slept in the chair whilst I typed part of this post, we had a simple tea, lots of cheese for me and Pate for hubby, neither of us wanted too many sweets. We opened our gifts to each other at tea time, which was very different for us, but much nicer than rushing in the morning. 

Today, we woke late, opened our stockings, which we ignored yesterday, stayed in bed for ages, had a late breakfast, we plan a late cooked lunch, beef wellington, new potatoes and loads of veg, tea will be what ever we want. Just a pure lazy day, we are not expecting anyone, hopefully we will walk to the shore, it's about 15 minutes from our house, just to get out for a while. 


  1. Happy Christmas - it sounds like you have had a lovely and blissful time and time to rest as well.

  2. Rachel ( Eternally 28 ) here - anonymous as using Blogger on my phone. I absolutely love that photo
    Montage and will suggest a similar tradition should I ever be l
    Blessed with Grandchildren! Your days sounds just perfect and we are now too having a similarly lazy please ourselves afternoon. One of us is snoring his head off and I am not really into the film I chose at all!!! Hence a dabble in Blogland!

  3. Glad you had a great Christmas, watching the children getting excited about unwrapping their presents is what makes it special. We have had a lazy day today too. No cooking again for us though, Mark has had sandwiches and it was quiche and salad for me.

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas Day with the grandchildren. The yearly photos are a lovely idea.

  5. Beautiful photographs.
    So pleased you had a lovely time together.

    All the best Jan



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