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Friday, 16 December 2022

Getting closer

Doing 3 cakes is much easier than you think, a production line for marzipan, the smallest cake I have only done the top as my brother is not keen on icing and marzipan. I took a third of the green icing and cut out loads of holly leaves. I have some black icing which I will add to the other 2 thirds, in different levels, so the greens are a bit different. These will make a holly wreath decoration on the cakes, I do have some snowflake cutters if I don't have enough green icing. 
I'm reading more, it's nice to have time to sit and rest, this is the 3rd book in the series, a slightly different angle on the investigation into murder, as I get used the the main characters, the books are easier to read. Book 84 read this year. 
Another finished book the 4th in this set and the last one 1 have, there are another 3 books. The story line is very different to anything I have read before, she often starts with something from the past. A murder leads to old and unsolved missing women cases, whilst a brilliant plot, I found the link a bit too much, I did enjoy this book. Book 85 read this year.

I have not done anymore cross stitch and it is now packed away until after Christmas day, thank you for all your comments, I have crafted all my life, my mum gave me so much instruction and know how, cross stitch is a passion, I am having fun just mashing everything together. I have a good size stash, so I hope for many projects in the year to come. I have been thinking about my huge stash of stitched hexagons, enough to make another item, but what?

Both hubby and I were ill on Wednesday, another bug we think, I am so sick of all the bugs and being down and feeling ill so often, each time I pull myself up, I get something else. We have not seen the grandchildren since last Friday, so we can't blame them.

Thursday we cleaned the house top to bottom, it's not hard work, the place is clean and tidy most of the time, but I do like to ensure it's done before visitors, so we can have fun together. Hubby did some laundry, and had to use tumble drier, it's just too damp to have it hanging in the house. George popped in with mummy, she had some shopping for us, not a long visit, just enough time for him to check the christmas decorations, have a snack and some cuddles.

My brother should arrive today, he is taking a covid test before he leaves. My sister and her partner has covid, they are not too ill, just flu like symptoms, they tested positive on Monday, so should be clear for Christmas, I have not seen her, they live 100+ miles away, but we chat most days, my brother has not seen them in the previous week, but he works at the same company as her partner. 


  1. I've yet to finish my Christmas cake so you're ahead of me. Sorry that your'e not feeling too good again,hope you feel better soon and that your sister and her husband are well before Christmas too.

  2. Well done on the cakes ...
    I'm sorry that you still not feeling well, hoping you feel better soon.
    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  3. I'm with your brother, I don't like marzipan and I'm not struck on icing either. We never had iced Christmas cakes when I was growing up, my grandma used to make them and she'd decorate with almonds, similar to a Dundee cake. It was always eaten with a slice of Wensleydale cheese, I think that's a Yorkshire thing. I hope you're feeling a bit better and that your sister and her husband are on the mend now too.

  4. I am not a big marzipan fan either. Icing though is another story.

    I have now added another 2 books to the ever growing winter reading list.

    God bless.



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