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Monday 19 December 2022

Last finishes.

 SIL socks are already wrapped and in their hamper of goods, he should have lovely warm feet, he does love colour and I have enjoyed using these orange yarns. The tops and toes are the same colour, the photo is not that great. I still have loads of sock yarn, but not sure if I want to knit any more this season. 

The cakes are done, I'm pleased with them, I did have fun with edible gold spray, we have glittery holly leaves and glitter around the kitchen, it got everywhere, I did make too many holly leaves, and I'm really glad I took the effort to make them different shades. Our cake in the middle one, they are all the same, except brothers cake is smaller. Everything in edible other than the bands and greetings. These cakes are not cheap to make, but everyone loves them, they won't last long into January.

Friday was a busy day, hubby made sausage rolls and mince pies, I wrapped the remaining gifts, my brother arrived early afternoon. I had a good session for my back, next week will be my last one, I am hoping I won't need to go back in the new year, the lady is very good, the cost is not to bad, but going every week does build the cost. I had my scans at our local hospital and have been given another all clear. 

Saturday I finished the cakes, we then walked to the village, there was our vintage fire engine, with Santa's sleigh on, Father Christmas was cuddling all the children and handing out sweets. They collect every year and all money raised is used back in our village, this is run by our local fire station, we are very lucky to still have it here in our village. There were also a choir singing Carols, it did feel really festive, loads of people had Christmas hats on. 

Sunday we had breakfast out, no walk, just far to wet, the rest of the day was spent at home together. TV has been good, the final of Strickly and the last Escape to the Chateau, both we have really enjoyed. I never watch The Handmaids Tale on Sunday, it's too close to our bed time, so I will watch later today.

We have had 2 men sleeping out locally, together the village has helped both. One is now in a shelter, the other had issues before in a shelter and declined to go, so a local family have give him the use of their hut for the winter months, the pub in the village allows him to sit inside whenever he needs to, a funraiser page was made to help both, one now has new glasses and can read clearly again, and both have warm new clothing. Villagers can pop into the pub and pay for lunches and coffees, he does not drink. It is sad we have people who's lives are not better, but it does feel so good to feel part of a community who can help others. 


  1. It's so nice when the community does come together to help others.

    I like the socks and the cakes look good.

    Pleased your back is feeling a lot better and your scan was clear.

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  2. Your cakes look great and I love SIL's new socks. So colourful. It's good that your community has come together to help the people in your neighbourhood that are living rough. It should really help them get through the worst of the winter.

  3. Your cakes look great, I made one this year, hopefully more than just me will sample it. Your son in law will love those bright socks I'm sure. I've finished my last sock knitting of the year too.

  4. Lovely cakes, and the socks are just perfect. How wonderful of the community to come together to help those who so need the hand up.

    God bless.

  5. What a wonderful kind village you live in. It's no fun sleeping rough but incredibly hard at this time of year, isn't it. Such kind people...
    I love the socks and cake!
    Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas x

  6. I'm sure your son in law will enjoy his socks, they'll keep his feet nice and warm in this cold weather. It's so sad to hear of people sleeping rough, especially at this time of year and in the colder months. I'm glad there are people willing to help.



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