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Friday, 20 May 2022

Summer time

We are using the earth's resources faster than our planet can replace them, each year our overshoot day gets closer to the beginning of the year. Some people don't care, others don't know, we try and use anything we own for as long as we can, we stopped purchasing items just because we liked them. Our consumer world gobbles up resources making things to sell which we don't need, we sadly live in a throw away society. 

It's time for my summer displays, here on the kitchen window this jug is full of sweet peas, I can't grow them in my garden, but these silk ones are just as pretty, sadly no scent. I have had these flowers for a few years.
My tulips are now packed away, this mixed bunch has everything I love, it sits on a small table just inside our patio doors, again these are a few years old. These days I don't spend any money on cut flowers. I have on our dining room table a glass bowl with plastic lemons, limes and oranges, again they always look good and are years old. 
This orchid has bloomed for months, there are 2 stems and still loads of buds, they are the perfect pot plant for our sitting room. I do have a few orchids and when they finish blooming, I use a silk stem until the flowers return, because the leaves are real, the flowers look real as well. Silk flowers are a perfect way to keep blooms in your home. 
I could not get the cucumber seeds from Thomson and Morgan, our garden centre no longer sells their seeds, so I got this pack of mini munchies, I have popped 2 seeds in to see how quickly they grow. The cost of seeds is horrendous, I paid £4.25 for 5 cucumber seeds, how crazy is that. These seeds with a packet of Californian poppy seeds cost £11.19.

We have not done much this week, we have had Molly most days and collected Will from school, George is back in hospital, his oxygen levels keeps dipping, they give him oxygen and he's well and then a couple hours later he starts to turn blue, they have kept him in for 3 nights, their thoughts are his tonsils are enlarged and when he tries to rest, they part block his airways, he is going to require oxygen at night until they can resolve this. We are both tired, nothing has been done, not that anything other than good health matters. 

I have been driving most days the 8 miles to daughters house and Will's school, it's the other side of Fareham our local big town, I love driving and have never been bothered where ever I drive, I used to drive in London often. BUT recently I have noticed so much bad terrible driving, I'm not a slow driver, but so many people want to push in front of my car, last night at 9pm I was driving home, I was cut up by a car with a 'P' plate, whose driving was terrible, to fast and aggressive, he went into the left hand lane me into right as I was turning. I watched this car for a while, just keeping an eye on him, as we got to the roundabout, the car in front of the P plate, swing into my path to make the right turn, totally in the wrong lane, no indication,  how I missed hitting him I don't know, the car behind me had left a gap and managed not to hit my car, 2 idiots in one journey. It would be lovely to say this is not the normal behaviour, but that's not the case. 


  1. Poor little George and what a worry for the family, I hope the hospital can remove his tonsils sooner rather than later.
    I agree there is not much pleasure in driving anymore, far too may idiots on the road and so glad you weren't involved in an accident.

  2. Sorry to hear the little fella is in hospital - hope he improves and is able to be home again very soon.

  3. I hope George is back home soon.So worrying.
    Have you tried putting a slice of tomato on damp compost.You will be amazed how many germinate.

  4. I agree with you about some of the terrible driving on the roads. People often do such dangerous things. It's quite scary.

  5. Re driving standards - yes, I've noticed how many on the roads today seem to have no grasp of the Highway Code basics. Our local council have just installed traffic lights near our courtyard entrance and almost none of the vehicles waiting for the lights to change leave clearance for people to turn into our courtyard - i have even seen a Police car blocking our entrance waiting on the lights.

  6. I hope they find a way to get George's oxygen level where it should be. Poor little guy.

    Lovely flowers.

    God bless.

  7. Your orchid is beautiful. I have a similar one and they do flower for months on end. Such good value plants.
    Also sending best wishes for George. Hope they get his oxygen levels sorted quickly x



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