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Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Home from home.

Book 41 read this year and what a great book, I do love this author, The police has caught their man, now they have to piece the case together, and what they find makes huge changes, brilliant to the end. 

We are away for a couple of days, just a lovely midweek break, 1st one since 2019, I'm feeling OK staying in a large old house made into a hotel, we are close to Coventry in the middle of the countryside. 

We drove through the rain, it's cloudy but dry here, looking on our house security cameras, we had some rain at home, not enough, oh so often it's never enough. 


  1. Have a good and lovely time to relax,greetings

  2. Enjoy your break away, a change of scenery does you good.

  3. Have a lovely few days away Marlene.

  4. Enjoy your break. There's lots of lovely things to see and do around Coventry.

  5. Only light drizzle here , water-but still pretty much empty . Have a lovely time 😃 x

  6. Enjoy your time away.

    God bless.



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