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Tuesday, 31 May 2022

May roundup

Slightly higher spend this month, but lower than this time last year, changing the herb bed, most cost went on topsoil and manure, I have reused many plants from around our garden, plus loads of half price spring bulbs, too good a price to miss and a few packets of seeds. Low spend on craft, I got material for bunting, I am using mainly what I have, I also got yarn, I am knitting again, I visited the library this month, I did purchase another pack of bra's from Asda they were reduced and I got 10% extra off. 

We have been really good with our shopping, our cupboards and freezers are all full, and I'm not letting the levels drop, there are still empty spaces on shelves in the supermarket, and with the prices rising every time you visit. We did another big shop at Asda they are doing their 10% discount with the blue light card, it's too good to miss. No food waste again, we have our own salad stuff growing, so we are making savings here, and eating more salad than normal. I also got the compost from the garden, saving on the cost of a bag, which I normally pop on the garden in May. 

My weight is still too high, it has reduced a little, my steps are much better, I am hitting 7,000 steps per day at least 4 times a week, and on average I am hitting over 49,000 per week. I will soon rise the number to 8,000 per day. The weight is just so stubborn this year, I'm going to have to work harder to rid myself of this unwanted fat. 


  1. I'm doing the same as you and trying to keep the freezer and cupboards topped up while there are still so many supply problems in the shops.

  2. I don't keep cupboards and freezers full of food anymore, there is only me in the week and the two of us for three days, I just tend to buy what we need for that week otherwise things go out of date before we can get round to eating them. It can be hard trying to get steps in every day, I don't very often manage it, you're doing really well.

  3. Trying to keep the freezers and pantry well stocked. This week my co-op had a great sale on some meats so I tried to stock up a bit.

    I am also having a bit of trouble losing my weight. Like you I will need to add steps or add another routine to what I already do.

    God bless.



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