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Thursday 26 May 2022

Bottom of the garden

The greenhouse was emptied recently, I have english marigolds growing in the long pot, and loads of black hellebores on the shelf below. Everything else has been planted. It was given a big clean out in here when hubby replaced my glass, so everywhere is looking tidy. 
Both tomato plants have flowers, but one plant is not looking too healthy, there are a few flowers on the cucumber, my cut and come again salad leaves are in full harvest. This should be a productive space. 
My spring pots have been tucked along by the composter, these can't be seen from the house, they will stay here all summer. Plenty of room to walk, to compost all the garden waste, the path should now stay clear.
Out side the greenhouse along the back fence, my blueberries have loads of flowers forming, I have cut it back, so the crop won't be as good this year. The flower tubs look good, the white daisy shows and can been seen from the house. 
These steps I do like to keep clear, I am up this area a few times each day, the plants along the garage wall are all healthy, the butlers sink has my smaller grasses in, the trio of acers are still beautiful, the smaller one in the front pot has grown loads. 
I have sorted the centre of my shed, it's clear and I can get to everything inside, but I do want to pull things out and give it a good clean, there is no rush, I like it done once a year. In my photo above you can see a rusty hanging stake, I forgot to bin it. These few dull days are helping my new bedding plants as they can settle in and not dry out, I am watering the garden a couple times a week, having so many pots always ensures I have to water, but I don't mind I find it relaxing.

Our plan to save money with the composter and shredder, is a long term plan, the cost of the composter would take 2 years saving on council waste system, so beginning of 2023 will see us in savings, the shredder is almost 4 years, so we should be saving money from 2027. Gardening is never a quick fix, but the bonus is we deal with all our waste here, no trips to the tip, and no extra big dustbin. Plus we get free compost and leaf mulch each year. 

Both grandchildren are much better, we are just hoping they stay that way, last week was really frightening, how quick they both became ill, they both have fallen over in the last couple of days, as they both become mobile accidents will happen. We have not done much in the last couple of days, reading and knitting, lovely simple calm days. Hubby's eldest son is visiting tonight, he has motor biked it over from southern Ireland, he and hubby are heading off for a few days, they will meet younger son and travel around Devon and Dorset, hubby should be home on Monday. So I am planning a crafty weekend, top of my list is making bunting, I have everything I need. 


  1. I love your blog,always so interesting especially your lovely garden.Glad your lil ones are better.Your photos are always so pretty.x

  2. So pleased to hear the children are feeling much better, lovely to be able to be close to help out if needed. Your garden looks lovely, very neat and tidy, so nice to potter about xcx

  3. Have a lovely crafty weekend. Sounds ideal.

  4. What a well designed garden space. Have a lovely weekend.

    God bless.

  5. Pleased the grandchildren are feeling better.
    Enjoy your crafty weekend.

    All the best Jan



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