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Sunday, 15 May 2022

No place like home.

 There is no place like home, and on a sunny hot Saturday afternoon with the grandchildren visiting, a walk to our local park, is just perfection, plenty to play on and loads of room to run around. 

They are growing up so fast, Molly is now crawling everywhere and pulling herself onto her feet. George is now taking more steps than crawling, not totally fully walking, but trying hard. Will is a brilliant older brother, he loves playing with both his younger siblings, he did make a new friend in the park. 
Book 42 read this year, this book is the 2nd in the Promise Falls set of 3, The Twenty Three was the final book, so I read this out of sequence, but I really enjoyed it, he is so very clever, this booked weaved through various situations all building to the final book. Even with the knowledge of what happens next, this was a good read. 

I managed to do half the gardening yesterday, I could have done it all, but after a chat with daughter, I had a shower as she drove over the children, Will was so sweet, he's a good little lad, mummy sneaked a bag into the car, so we could surprise Will with a sleepover. We played late into evening outside, it's so good to fully use the garden. 

No thunder and lightning, but at 4am it rained heavy for over an hour, the garden needs the water, all my water butt's will be full again. This morning it's cloudy, but should clear up soon. We have been up since 6am, Will never sleeps in, it's never so bad to be up early in the warmer months, we are not going to be able to play outside this morning. 


  1. Aww lovely family photos.

  2. The grand children are growing up so fast. Wonderful that you are able to spend so much time with them :) xx

    1. These youngest are our last, sadly the older grandsons live further away, they are always busy, so we don't see them much.

  3. Wonderful family photographs.

    All the best Jan

  4. Lovely pictures of the granchildren.
    Glad you enjoyed the short break in Coventry. That's not far from us.

  5. I bet a fun time was had by all. Lovely photos of your gorgeous grandchildren.

    God bless.



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