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Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Catching up

The lovely Miss G, Andrew is my daughters hairdresser, his alternate ego has been fundraising for local charities for 26 years, our local hospital has had the most support from him. Once he knew George has Downs Syndrome, he offered to help support the local charity, afternoon tea at a local hotel was so much fun on Sunday. It's the first time I've seen his show, not normally a show I would go to, but it was very enjoyable and just look at those legs. 
 I have done loads of stitching, I am on the last quarter of this project, my day times are spent out in our garden, any work outside at this time of year is repaid many times over so stitching and craft times are reduced. The pale green and yellow square are the hardest to stitch, the silks being so pale.  
Book 44 read this year, this is the 4th and last book in a series, somehow I have managed to read book 2 and 4, this should have been book 1 in the set, which I ordered from our local library, but I did not realise it was the last book until after I had started reading it. Another great book, I love the journalist in this book, he's a dad as well and makes an amusing story line.
I have purchased some double knit yarn from our local shop, I loved the shades, originally I got one ball for socks, but I love the shades so I got a couple more and a contrast for a summer jumper. I will have to look in my pattern books and find something I like, I have an itch to knit. It's James C Brett, Fairground DK.

Daughter was back at local hospital, this time with baby Molly, George passed his bugs on, Molly had trouble breathing on Sunday, daughter called 111, they sent an ambulance, who took Molly and mummy to the same ward George was in, so daughter has been dealing with the same doctors and nurses, now with the youngest. After two days they were sent home in the evening, tired but home, now we need everyone to gain their strength, I feel so much for my daughter having had weeks with them all having the nasty tummy bug, and them all being so ill, then George having difficulties breathing, and now Molly. Will is full of health, and happy to be at school, I truly hope they can all be well again, first night home neither Molly or George slept well.  

Monday I stayed at home, just incase daughter needed me, I took my frustration and worry out on the house, it's now spotless and gleaming, both bathrooms had a deep clean, I have always done this in times of stress and worry, hubby made no comments, bless him. Most of the gardening is done, so I have time for reading and craft and a new knitting project.

Tuesday we popped to Asda, they are running the blue light card discount again, 10% off, can't argue with that. Afternoon was relaxing and knitting, photos soon, it's just a block of stitches at the moment. 

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  1. So right crafting takes back stage at this time of outside gardening.

    I hope that Molly and George get better very soon.

    Love the stitching and the colours of the yarn are gorgeous.

    God bless.



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