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Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Normal life

There are 50 squares in this design,
 I've done 18, almost half way. 
I finally finished this book, the second half was easier than the first, which I found confusing, I can't say too much as the plot is very mixed with memories and fact, it twisted until the unexpected ending. I'm not sure if I could read another of hers. Book 39 read. 
I got more reduced spring bulbs for our new bed, just over £10 for 7 packets, some will come up out of season, probably without flowers, that's OK, they will come back next spring, these were from Wilkinson's, I should have a colourful spring in 2023. 

It has been cool wet days, but I'm OK with that, my water butt's are filling again, and the herbs which I have moved have settled into their new pots. The bedding plants in the greenhouse have enjoyed the cooler days, I will need to get them into the ground as they are starting to flower.

We have had Garden Rescue working on a house near us, 2 dry days for them, saw Charlie Dimmock rushing around, don't watch the programme, but will watch if our local Portchester Facebook puts a note up when it's on. Sadly did not see the Rich brothers, I do love their style of gardening. 

Daughter has had an horrendous few days all three grandchildren have had a sickness bug, she has spent days mopping up and doing laundry, I have everything crossed they are over it, I have spent time helping her, so far I managed not to get the bugs as bad as the children. Poor George has had the worse time, he does suffer so much. 

I've had my bank card hacked, I noticed 2 strange pending amounts when checking online, I called the bank, they had already stopped one attempt at Vodaphone, and was not going to pay the Sky request, they think the person was attempting to purchase mobile phones. My card has been cancelled and a new one should be here within the week. Luckily it's my account and not the household one, so we can still access our money.

Tuesday we took the bus into town, had lunch out with friends, we did a bit of shopping, nothing much, our local town of Fareham is not such a great place to shop, most of the shops we love are now situated out of town. Today I have my medication arriving via Royal Mail, our local pharmacy has got very bad for service and not having our medicines when we need them, sometimes it can take a week to get our prescription filled, so we are now using an online service which takes just a few days.


  1. Oh dear, sickness bugs are not good ...
    Hoping everyone gets better soon.

    All the best Jan

  2. Hope the children are better soon, it's no fun when they have a sickness bug.

  3. I occasionally watch Garden Rescue, how exciting to see them working nearby. I hope your grandchildren are over the worst of the bug now, I feel sorry for your daughter having so much to cope with. Good job your bank are on the ball and spotted those transactions and you too. I check my online banking every day as I've had it happen to me, someone using my account on an online gambling site. I had the money refunded to me by the bank but what a worry.

  4. Hope the children are on the mend and your daughter is recovering too, having to deal with three poorly little ones.
    I had the same hacking issue myself some while ago and my bank were quick to pick it up but it was a worry.
    Lots of lovely Spring plants for you next year :)



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