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Friday 6 September 2019


I enjoyed Never Greener, it's a good 1st book by Ruth Jones (Nessa in Gavin and Stacey)
Believe me by JP Delaney, was a bit of a struggle to start with, just the style of writing, but I kept with it and enjoyed the story.
My stitching is out again, 
I am still loving this, so simple and so effective. 
 Well over half way through, closer to the end line. 
I love this view so neat. 
I got some different (for me) bulbs to plant, these were from our local posh garden center. I also got a few packets of flower seeds for next summer. These were added to my stash list. 
 It's our anniversary soon and we were gifted some money, so we spent it on the garden, I already have another lamp like this, so I already love this one. Will loved the owl, and was cuddling it, so it came home with us, and hubby liked the bird feeder, we are having huge problems with squirrels. These items have not been added to my stash list. 
We had a lovely trip to the garden center, after visiting their house, mummy and Will came with us, we stopped for a cream tea each and found time to play in the kiddies area. I did look at the plants, I have 2 pots by our side door (main entrance) which I would like matching plants which have interest all through the year.
The sale was not that great, most of the items I was looking for was still at full price, not a price I want to pay. We spent afternoon relaxing at home, I did some sewing.
Thursday we had to pop to garage in town for tyre checks, we were sent away in May, being told our tyres would stay legal and good until September, we are on a trip to Wales soon, so it was time to get them changed, but again we were told come back early next year. We walked around town for about an hour, popping into Robert Dyas and Wilko's, again checking their sales, there is nothing I need, but it does not stop me looking, and nothing purchased.
This morning I have ironing to do, not too much, but I'm happiest when it done, a bit of housework and then another relaxing afternoon.
It's much cooler now, normally in early September it's very warm and sunny here along the south coast. I have started wearing light jumpers, and slippers at night, we are using lights insdie most evenings.
Autumn is early this year, I am looking at my tender plants and planning their move back in my greenhouse, I am leaving my summer plants in the ground to allow them to form seed heads for the birds and wildlife, I did this last year and loved the look in my garden.


  1. There is a big change in the weather here and we seem to have bypassed the early September Indian summer we usually get. Love your little haul and the bulbs.

  2. Happy Anniversary for whenever it is, may love the garden items, may I ask where the squirrel proof feeder came from?

    1. We got it from a garden center called Garsons, here in Fareham, Hampshire, it was £19.99 so not cheap, we are already using it and the little birds are visiting often.

  3. You have such patience with your stitchery. Oh, and I'm such a sucker for buying plants at garden centres, or markets too. I really have to be disciplined and stick to a budget! Plants are so pretty though. ;)

    1. I know, it's so easy to pop plants into your basket, but in our tiny garden we do not have much space left.

  4. Your stitched piece is lovely, what's it going to be? I keep saying I'm not buying any more plants, but then I see a fuchsia or something and think oh that's really lovely, I'll just get that one....

  5. It feels really cold today. To be honest I'm happy to head into Autumn, but I know that not everyone will feel this way.

  6. I love a wander around a good garden centre, especially with a friend so there is a good excuse for a coffee and cake! My hubby steers clear of anything to do with gardening. Your stitching is looking beautiful :)

  7. Early Anniversary wishes.

    I do like your stitching, it's so colourful.

    The week has started much cooler, Autumn is definitely approaching.

    Take care, and enjoy the week ahead.

    All the best Jan



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