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Sunday 15 September 2019

Mid Wales

St Davids,
 I love all these old stone houses. 

 Strumble Head Lighthouse

 Cardigan, Castle visit

 Newport beach

We stayed in a cottage in Dinas Cross, Pembrokeshire, with Will, mummy and daddy, it was a week to relax and slow down, mummy is just past her 6 months stage in her pregnancy, so just a few days out.
At Cardigan castle, there was a dressing up box at the entrance and Will wore a helmet, carried a sword and rode a hobbyhorse, with shouts of I'm a knight, he ran around the grass area. It's a lovely place to visit, not to big, and for me a wonderful kitchen garden area, which was brimming with harvest. We did not see the king who lived in the castle, Will said he was visiting the queen in London.
Will loves the beach and water, so his visit to Newport beach, was a pure joy to watch, he was quickly drenched, but very happy little boy.
We have Will most Mondays, but it was very different to all be in the same house, with calls of I'm bigger, or I'm grown up, he was a joy to be with, such a good little boy.
The owner of the cottage gave me a succulent to bring home, which was very kind, his holiday cottage was very well stocked and had everything we required for a good break.
I watered the garden last night, and will deadhead this morning, later we are at Daughters, for birthday cake, Will is very excited and loves happy cake, daughters MIL and FIL will be there as well, so loads of chatter and catching up.


  1. Lovely photos! North Wales is a lovely place to holiday. We've holidayed around the area many times. Will must've been in his element! He looks so sweet in his little helmet! How perceptive children are, that the king was visiting the queen in London! Best, Jane x

  2. Looks like you all had a fantastic time in Wales. Loved the pictures of Sir Will!

  3. I stayed near Dinas Cross over 50 years ago but I bet it hasn't changed that much. Lovely pictures - grandchildren are such a joy.

  4. Wonderful family time. It looks like Will loved the sea. The stone houses are so interesting!

  5. We toured north Wales a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed it.My BiL lives south Wales again beautiful. Great photos and memories captured for the future.

  6. Great photos and lots of lovely memories made.

  7. Such a lovely post, family time is so special.
    A great series of photographs.

    My good wishes,

    All the best Jan



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