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Wednesday 25 September 2019

Glass fusion

I love glass, stained glass, anything with the sun reflecting through, but I really like glass fusion, it has a softer to look it.  I have been wanted to work with glass for years, but the cost of a kiln has always put me off, they start at about £650.  
BUT I found a small 'kiln' which can be used in a microwave, to make small pieces, so after alot of reading, and discussing it with hubby, I have purchased this kit, it will work in our microwave. It was purchased from Amazon. It will take a four inch square piece of glass, which is coaster size. 
 To give myself a chance of making nice items, I also purchased this starter kit, I got it off ebay. I have done glass fusion on a crafting holiday, so it's not completely new to me, I have also done a small amount of stain glass work. 
On Monday evening I spent 2 hours on a small course making a fused glass coaster, these should look like poppies once fired. I have two colourless pieces of glass one on the top and bottom. This will be fully fired and will come out flat. The longer piece is similar to mine after it has been fired.
 This one is just an abstract, I am hoping a loop will be added at the top so I can hang it in my office window, the white tiny bits will melt together to fill the strange shapes. I have asked for this to be half fired, so the finished piece will not be smooth or flat on top, the colours are different thickness and I hope will add to the design. 
I think I am going to be hooked on this, it was really fun to do, I was given loads of great tips, Rachel was polite about my microwave kiln, explaining the limitations, which I was aware of, but she thought I would get some great pieces. I have to wait 2 weeks before I can collect the fired items, she needs to ensure her large kiln is full to make it cost effective. The only thing I will purchase is a much better glass cutter, I tried the basic one but found it hard to use. 
I was very lucky, I was the only person there, having a class one on one was quicker, some things we discusses quickly as I already had the knowledge. Rachel is doing some Christmas classes, so I will book another. 


  1. Sounds exciting, looking forward to seeing what you make.
    I have a old school friend who makes fused and stained glass for a living, she makes some amazing things, including jewelry.

  2. Good luck in your exciting new hobby.

  3. That sounds really interesting! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make. Best, Jane x

  4. What a great hobby. I love the modern glasswork you see at craft fairs.

  5. What a great new hobby. I love coloured glass, sun catchers and such, I think they're so pretty. I can't wait to see what you make.

  6. I have some lovely little glass pieces around the house so would love the chance to have a go at this. I am going to research the little kiln - though I don't have a microwave.



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