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Tuesday 17 September 2019

Green fingers

These went on holiday with us and came back again, the lillies and roses are gone, but the rest is still looking good. I think they will last another week. 
 This Orchid has 5 blooms now and still more to come, these will last for weeks into months. It's always a bonus when blooms come back. 
 My tiny succulent baby is growing, I popped it into the pot for the bathroom, removing the mother plant who was getting too big. I can't wait for it to get bigger. 
 Mum plant is in this marble pot, I picked up cheap in a sale, I love the complete look and the plant has settled and thriving, now living in the greenhouse.
 These string of pearls are on my desk, by a sunny window, and they have grown whilst we were away. I can't wait to see loads of lovely pearls hanging down.  
 My tiny bud is now forming a flower, this sits beside my string of pearls on my desk. 
 In the greenhouse, this begonia I picked up reduced from our local market, is thriving, I won't pop it outside this year, it can stay behind glass until next spring. 
 I must find out what this succulent is called , it will need repotting soon, it's lovely.
 I repotted these before we went away, all are looking good, I will display them in the back of the greenhouse, safe from little hands. 
My new plant, Echeveria Peacock, I have been thinking of making a huge pot for succulents, and this will be the center plant, as yet I do not have a pot, I know what I would like, I can see the design in my head. 
All the laundry is clean, just a huge pile of ironing to do, but I can spread it over a few days, the house is dusty but clean, I will sort it later this week. With the weather fore caste this week being so good, I am not planning to be inside much, whilst the sun shines I am outside.
September is a special month, cool mornings, dark evenings and sunny days, I will accept any bonus sunny days we get. I don't have much to do in our garden, deadheading is the main task, most of the bare patches were fulled this summer. I have plenty of spring bulbs planted, so I am not looking to add anything, unless I see something special. We have one spot in the garden which is not doing well, I have spoken to hubby and a plan is forming, we will have a couple of days work, but it does not have to be done yet.
I will plan one day to clean my greenhouse, but it needs to be a cooler day, I have a few pots to place inside before the winter weather comes.
This morning I'm off to sign class, it's the first one since July, it will be nice to all get together again.


  1. So many lovely plants. I've never really been one for house plants, I've only ever really gone in for orchids but I've got a couple of succulents now which I've picked up this year and I'm really enjoying them. There are fourteen flowers on my orchid at the moment and it's just sent up a second flower spike so that's yet to bloom, it's looking fabulous. Glad you had a good holiday, it's a shame there's always things to do in the house when you get back though.

  2. All your plants look healthy and doing well, glad you had a good holiday, at least the weather has been ok for you to get the holiday washing done, it doesn't take long to get back to normal routine does it.

  3. I'm loving this weather and like you making the most of it outside. Thee is plenty of time for being stuck indoors. Lovely selection of plants. My orchid died after 5 years, I must get another.

  4. The flowers are gorgeous, you can't beat fresh flowers for putting a smile on your face. All the better if they last well. Husband has bought me a few orchids over the years but I could never make them survive!

  5. I think your plants look so good and very healthy.

    It always takes time to get caught up with washing and household chores when you come back from a break/holiday … I always tell myself don't rush you'll get there in the end :)

    The weather has been so lovely recently so I think it's a good idea to make the most of it.

    All the best Jan

  6. Your succulents are looking fabulous! The weather here has been glorious; warm and sunny with a soft breeze. Evening walks are so pleasant as the sun sets. Best, Jane x



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