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Monday 23 September 2019

Before the rain

This back section is a disappointment, the raised bed was made for cut flowers, but the bed is always dry and never produced many flowers. 
We have decided to change this area, I have a few plans, which involves hubby doing loads of work. I have cleared this area, and will start using the earth from the raised garden in the bottom of pots, I need to move half of the soil. My one gooseberry plant is in smaller pot, it will stay in this area, safe from little hands, the bigger pot has a rhubarb crown in. 
My citrus plants are back inside my greenhouse until next summer, in front on the floor is my lemon grass. 
My Pomegranate and Cape Gooseberry are also in the greenhouse. 
My half price begonia has done well, I took these cutting from the main plant, popped them into water until they rooted, one for me and one for my sister.  I love free plants, the pots were purchased from Asda £5.50 for both, they are storage pots, but I love them as plant pots, once these are growing strong, I will take mine inside.  
My original olive looking brilliant, it will stay in the greenhouse over winter, I will try and sell it next spring, it's a good size. 
At the start of the summer I cut a few of the lower branches from my twisted willow, and used them to support my sweetpeas, last weekend I cut back the sweetpeas, to my delight 3 of the twigs had rooted, they were added to our local Facebook, and was collected on Sunday to be planted in a local garden. 
A Strickly cast on, these are for a size 11 shoe, just a simple pattern for easy knitting, these are the last pair for a Christmas gift, I love the shades of blue, simple knitting.
I spent loads of time in the garden on Saturday, I planted all my bulbs with the help of Will. Whilst Will had his afternoon nap, I sorted the back section, and moved things to the greenhouse. I also placed out pots with spring bulbs in, I still have loads of items to pop in my shed, but I'm leaving them out for a while longer.
I cleared the tomato and cucumber plants, and cut back overgrown plants along the fence from nextdoor. I have been pleased with my garden this summer,  fewer gaps in the flower beds, and just 2 spots in my herb garden. My main role for now is picking up leaves, we get loads of small leaves from next door and then the Magnolia leaves which are huge will fall.
Sunday was a day inside, I had planned to use my sewing machine, but hubby was home all day, his motorbike ride cancelled due to the wet weather. I finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird, I enjoyed the story line, but I am not a huge fan of American literature, but I'm glad to read a classic.
I am happy with the rain, everywhere is looking good, and I was not wanting a dry end to the growing season, the water will help the plants gather strength as they die back.
Will is due this morning, if it stays dry, I have my last 5 pots by the side of the house to replant.


  1. It's a busy time of year clearing away summer and preparing for winter. You always do so well with your cuttings and bringing on bargain plants you've picked up. Oh, I love To Kill A Mockingbird. I studied it for my English Lit 'O' level and have read it a few times since.

  2. We had a spoonful of rain. Very disappointed with it. You've done do well preparing for winter, I'm looking forward to seeing the bulbs in bloom. If we stay the garden will be next on the agenda, lots if earth moving required. :0(

  3. My late Mother-in-Law used to knit socks for Christmas. They were well made, but never lasted long; the heels would wear through very quickly. Eventually she decided to stop, and made miniature pairs instead, which we all hung in our cars (instead of furry dice).

  4. I love those pots from Asda! You did well with all your cuttings and bargain plants. The rain has been heavy here today, so I'm hoping the garden might have dried out slightly by the weekend, as I have a lots of pre-winter tidying to do. I do a lot of knitting, but I've never mastered socks for some reason. Your are a lovely colour:)



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