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Friday, 4 October 2013

Super quickie

Our tree has been trimmed, 
and it's looking good as is the rest of the garden.
 Shame the guy came in the morning instead of the afternoon as booked, our mad cat woman next door went off on a mad rant and accused him of damaging her plant. He did have a laugh with us, but agreed she is off her rocker. Oh well PC Bob agreed and went to have a word with her, so sad when you have neighbours like them.
The bike is out, we are away for the weekend, photo's on Monday, weather is looking dry and warm.

Paula, Purdey had a kidney infection, she is well now, but we will keep an eye on her.
Su has had her plaster off and is wearing a huge boot for the next four weeks, which supports her foot when walking, plus she can remove it to shower and bathe, today she is much happier.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Year ago, my Tavish (she was part Schnuzer and part "traveling salesman") was being boarded at my vet. WHen I picked her up they asked me if I had ever seen blood in her urine.

    Since we walked around the park across the street and she would run all over and urinate then, I guiltily answered no.

    They said they had her outside and just happened to look and thought it looked reddish, checked her out and there was some blood in her urine.

    They told me this was a normal thing for Schnauzers, to get kidney stones. So we started feeding her food made of lamb and rice and it never happened again.

    I was SO HAPPY they caught it early, and glad Purdy is back to her old self :)

  2. Marlene love the photos - you've captured it perfectly and it looks like a huge event. We would love to go down there and now you've made us decide to plan a visit. Hope Purdey is better soon and hope Su is managing with her big boot on



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