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Monday, 28 October 2013

Another start

Another quickie, I could not stitch my cat over the weekend, Su was about, so I started this heart for a Christmas present, my photo's are not great.
 I am using soluble canvas, 1st time for me, it's not the best, 14 count is very large stitches for me, and next to the linen the holes are really hard to see. This little sheet cost £5.00, which makes this little project more expensive than normal, the silk is DMC4150, which is a natural random shades. The top photo is closer to the true colours, it will be a hanging heart, my daughter-in-law loves hearts and linens.
Martin my brother was with us over the weekend, loads of laughter, and fun. Saturday evening we sat and talked about our childhood, we were lucky we had a great time as kids.
I had my 1st Christmas trip to the shops to add to my stash. I love the two glass cup holders, I want to use them now!! the snowflakes are for my cards, I already know what the will be like. The advent candle just fell into my basket. The heart Fliss has given me as an early birthday present, I'm not sure where to put it yet. I took my Tiger cat to be framed, it's part of my Christmas present from hubby, but I took it to choose the frame, he will collect it and pay for it. I also purchased loads of Kilner jars( mason jars) I want to make cookie mixtures for the grand sons, but I could not find any nice cookie cutters.
We have weathered the storm, in fact I don't think it was as bad as expected, our home is intact, as is everyone we know. The fence between us and mad cat woman has broken, but because they claimed it was their fence in the summer and their solicitor sent us a letter to tell us so, Kev will not mend the post and they can pay some one to fix it. So there is justice, our deeds and paperwork from our purchase of this house states the fence is ours, but they wanted it.
Not many plans this week, I am having dinner with a girly friend tomorrow so loads of laughter, but all the other evenings will be home stitching, I have 3 things on the go, i will try and finish the heart and then go back to the cat, Grand Marquoir is on the back burner at this time.

Keep warm and dry.


  1. When you say "soluble" does this mean you are stitching over it onto something else and then will wet it and pull the threads out?

    If so, I found out years ago, when I worked at a stitch shop, that it is easier to use linen for this . . just tack it down and stitch over 2 threads so it becomes 14 count. The threads pull out great when you are done AND the stitches are so much neater than what we call :waste" canvas.

  2. Pretty stitching.
    Our local garden centre is all decked out for Christmas, your new candle is lovely.

  3. that's a lovely heart you're stitching for your DIL! good luck with the waste canvas? have never actually seen any but hope to when i visit the US soon.
    so glad you weren't affected by the storm and it's poetic justice, what you related lol
    have a great week!



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