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Monday, 21 October 2013

Finish to start

I love this yellow fabric, its perfect for this design, 
I just have to add a few more buttons. 
Pure pleasure sorting through my button box, lots of my buttons have been cut off outfits so each set a memory.
 This is my new start, a heart, another pattern from Pintrest, I am loving seeing what every one else is looking at and then finding nice patterns. Yesterday it rained all day, so a day spent stitching was bliss. At one point I had my friend Cat and Fliss my daughter all sat together stitching. Fliss and I are trying to keep to Wednesday night, stitching night.
 My free orchid is doing well, this is the third flower from this plant, 
it is so perfect.
 I have another bud forming on another plant,
 so I should have an orchid in the room for Christmas. 
We enjoyed a weekend at home, I still ache a bit from the gardening, but it looks so good, can't wait for the spring and next summer, so many plants to watch grow.

It is so snug in our warm house, all together, hubby and both cats, watching TV and enjoying time together, if this is our future then, I am looking forward to it.

Family are all well, I have a half day on Friday for Sam's 3rd Birthday, and my brother Martin arrives on Saturday for the weekend. I am enjoying this moment in our life.


  1. The new heart project is looking lovely, very rich colour.

  2. Your sewing is lovely Marlene :) glad you are enjoying yourself and hope you have a lovely time on Friday and the weekend :)



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