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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Super finish

This is a super quickie
 Started on Sunday, finished yesterday, stitched on 25dpi, using 1 strand of DMC815.
 I got the pattern off Pintrest, it's a novelty to find patterns and then stitch them. I plan to frame this one, I have had the heart mount board for ages, I will pop to Hobbycraft at the weekend to purchase the frame and have it on the wall by Sunday.
Last night we had the best thunder storm in ages, the lightening lit up the sky, we sat inside in the warm, watching it light up the tree's. Grace sat on my lap the whole time, Purdey was on hubbies lap. The rain was the heaviest I have ever seen, but my garden survived. I plan to spend some time on Sunday, just pottering and measuring, might get a garden shed for behind the garage for all my tools.

Last night was the final of British bake Off, we love the programme and I did want Ruby to win, but all three ladies in the final deserved their place.

Friday is another day of rain, so not many plans, I will have the afternoon with Sam, a happy little boy on his 3rd birthday.


  1. The mount is stunning, very effective piece of stitching.
    We watched Bake Off too, thought all the final show stoppers were not up to past standards for the final, very disappointing.

  2. Love the sewing :) we've had some amazing lightning and thunder too and heavy rain. A garden shed would be ideal for you. We watched the bake off too :)

  3. That heart piece came out very nice. Oh when it storm's here, Sylvia heads for a hidey spot!



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