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Monday, 14 October 2013

Little, big, promise

I managed to almost finish this at the weekend, just the stalk to back stitch around the outside, I forgot to take the light green silk with me. 
It is so pretty, again I stitched on 28 count, with one strand of silk. 
Just another 5 to go.
 Not much done on here, a busy week, 
but I am stitching the "Z" on the last row.
 Yesterday I lost a couple of hours on Pintrest, and found a nice ornament, so with these silks and some buttons, this is my next project, I have an idea forming, which will make this very mine. 
Our weekend away was good, the hotel was not to bad, a very large old manor house, it was clean and tidy, some parts were a bit worn, the staff were great and the food good. All four of us had fun, but the big shame was it rained the whole time we were there and we could not walk in the grounds. 
But we went to relax and we did just that.

Back at home Su is not having a good time, just as she is getting used to her boot, and walking better, her cat Willow become poorly and last night Willow was put to sleep, so more sadness for Su, we will visit later with loads of cuddles.

Just had our tea and used some of my home made chutney, I made one sweet and another spicy, both are lovely, I prefer the sweet and hubby loves the spicy. 


  1. Poor Su, losing a fur child is hard.

  2. The stitching is so lovely! So sorry about Su and her kitty.

  3. The postcard is so lovely, I haven't seen this one before.

    I'm saddened to read that Su has lost a much loved pet, {{big hugs}}

  4. Love the postcard so very different and so sorry to hear about Su's cat.



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