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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

New start

I saw this last year on a blog, 
but the lady was not able to say where she found the pattern, and then a couple of weeks ago I found it on Pintrest, a set of 4 postcards. I have had to choose the colours myself, most are true, except the gold around the stamp. I purchased it from a recent trip to an old cotton mill and have wanted to use it.
 Another two squares on Grand Marquoir, just over 10 to go, I have some interesting squares to stitch on the bottom panel.
 My new chair has arrived, it is perfect for stitching as well as lazy evenings watching TV, Kev's is not built yet, his large recliner will go this weekend, the room already looks much better with small seating in. The stool is perfect, just the right height, can't wait until Sam claims it.
 Hubby has finished all the ground work, 
we are very pleased with the result, on Monday I have the day off and if it's not raining I want to sort my flower bed, it's much bigger, I want to spread out the plants and I have loads of bulbs to plant. Tomorrow the guy should be here to trim the tree, but the heavy rain is due.
 Grace sat on the wall watching me, nice to get this close to her, 
she is a pretty kitty.
Purdey went back to the vets, but now is on the mend, she had me worried for a while.
We have had another busy week, the garden took up most of the weekend, plus visits to daughter Su, who has her foot to knee in plaster, falling off high heels.
Saturday I took Josh and Sam out for chocolate cake and pop, plus a trip to the local book shop, loads of laughter and fun.
I have Friday off, Su has another hospital appointment and another x-ray, mum's taxi is booked again, fingers crossed she is on the mend.
Work is good, very busy, just finished my first 3 months, I am now permanent staff, but on a yearly contract, but my boss is very keen to keep me on.

So happy part of Hampshire here, looking forward to a good weekend away, camera is ready for hundreds of photo's, will blog about it on Monday, enjoy your weekend.


  1. What did the vet say was wrong with Purdy?

  2. Your new chair looks really comfy, wishing lots of happy stitching hours in that.
    Get well wishes to your daughter.
    The postcard is beautiful, never seen that before.



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