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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Memorial Wall at the National Aboretum, RTTW 2013

 We joined bikers across the UK, for this annual RTTW, at National Arboretum
this being their 6th year and our 1st time. 
 High on the raised area, not alot of chatter, just quiet thought.
 Each side, in the centre of these walls

 Poppies laid every where for remembrance, of units and individuals.
 The quietest part of the wall, nobody stopped, just walked past this spot, but for me it was the most thoughtful. There are no names here, the most recent have been added and here is space for the names of those to fall in our future. We live in a terrible world, and this part waits for sons, daughters and loved ones to be taken from us.
 Kev at the Guards wall, he is ex Welsh Guards, and the railing were taken from Chelsea barracks and placed here, with all 5 Guards badges displayed, The tiles at his feet are made from stone from all over UK. as planned more ex Guards met at this memorial, it was great to sit and hear them all catch up with each other.
 Above is at the service station along M40, where we joined the ride of respect towards the wall, on our route as we passed service stations loads more bikers waited to join us and below, just one large bike park in a huge field, it was fantastic to be apart of this ride.
 Loads of interesting displays all day, below The Red Devils coming into land after a breath taking display.
There are hundreds of tree's planted, our native tree's, with benches every where, with over 20,000 people on site we often felt alone, we sat listening to the events around us. Last year the event raised £72,000 for charity, so fingers crossed they have done well this year.

We stayed close to the site last night in a hotel, we were both very tired, you do alot of walking here, I did take my cross stitch and managed to do some, photo's next time.
I hope you enjoyed this post, for me it was a very special day.


  1. What a great trip to remember those who came before us and those who will come after us.

    The picture of the poppies touched my heart. Our two main Veterans organizations sell poppies. One on Memorial Day (May 30) and the other on Veterans Day (Nov 11).

    I always buy one, in honor/memory of my father. When the veterans thank me for buying (it is a donation) I always say, "No, Thank You." This brings a smile of gratitude from them.

  2. What an awesome ride! I'd love to visit that memorial. We did a similar ride earlier this year, I should post about it...

  3. Our local radio featured this, the presenters were at the start. I have a leaflet about this place and its on our 'to visit' list.



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