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Friday, 25 October 2013

And the next one is............

I'm on a roll, another quickie, this is for daughter Su, she is not a blogger so it's safe to show.
 This looks like Willow, and it should be a happy reminder of a silly funny cat.
 I am still picking things from my greenhouses, I still have a few more tomatoes left, and a couple more peppers, not sure what to do with the peppers, I think I will give a couple away. My chillies are doing well, at this time of the year, I stop watering the plant and the chillies dry out on the stems, Its the best way I have found to dry them.
Today Sam is three, I have spent the afternoon with him and mummy, he has had loads of presents, but this scooter I think is the best, here with his big brother Josh in a local park. It's half term next week so weather permitting they will be outside alot. They are both growing up fast.
My brother Martin will be arriving soon, he is here for the weekend, no plans as yet for tomorrow, I would like to visit Hobbycraft, I need supplies, both daughters are busy, so it would have to be a trip on my own, I do wish I could find a localish stitching shop. I also have a few bits to do in the garden, nothing heavy, fingers crossed it will be dry.

We have had weather warnings for the south and east of England for Sunday night into Monday morning, heavy winds and rain. Oh well autumn is here, but it is still very mild all we have to do is keep dry.

I am starting to think about Christmas, I have purchased a couple of presents, and been given a couple of hints for what to get, just the problem of what to get hubby. I have seen on Pintrest the cookie mixtures you add to Kilner jars, and attach a nice shaped cutter, I am toying with making a couple for fun. I will make my rich fruit cake this week, it's a recipe I have used for over 20 years, it is typed on paper, I have a copy on my computer, but I love the feel of the typed words on paper.

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  1. Oh yes . . make the cookie mixes in a jar with the cutters attached . . they are always so good to receive . . and then they are on hand when you need a "cookie fix."

    That cat picture has always been one of my favs . . I am sure Su will cherish it forever.



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