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Monday, 27 July 2009


This blog is a thank you to my hubby, Kev,
We have had the most wonderful weekend away together.
We spent 2 days in South Wales, Porthcawl.

I love this photo, Kev is sat on Dunraven Bay beach,

We were lucky and had good weather both Friday and Saturday, we spent our time walking and discovering the coast. We both wanted to revisit Porthcawl, it has not changed a bit, stuck in a precious time warp, and thanks to Jill we had the most delicious fish and chips at Beale's. We headed our car along the coast and found wonderful bays.

Ogmore has a ruined castle above, nestled next to a river, with stepping stones across, we sat on the grass and watch countless people get wet feet as they crossed the river. The field next to the castle was for campers and there was three wigwams among the tents. On the other side of the river was a large field full with horses. Ogmore has a large sandy beach, we walked for miles, the beach filled with families but so large there was plenty of space for everyone.

Back to Dunraven bay, the beach is small and pebbly but beautiful, the cliffs are rugged and the downs roll as far as the eye can see. loads of great walks, we found their hidden walled garden, opened a door and there before our eyes was a pleasure of plants and dry stone walls.

These views are of the bay, just stunning, we were very lucky with the weather. We stayed in a bed and breakfast on a working farm, great fun, when we arrived the sow with her piglets was in the main part of the farm, we passed the geese with their young and at the back door we were welcomed by the farm dogs. We asked what time we should return so they could lock the door, only to be told "we don't lock our doors". Each morning we were woken by the cows, calling to be milked.

If ever you get the chance please go, it is as Kev says Gods country.

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