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Monday 17 August 2009

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On Saturday, we went to the bike shop and brought my leather trousers, and jacket.
I have already purchased a new helmet.
So now I am a biker, or more to the point a bikes chick, babe or whatever I should be called.
To view Kev's bike visit this recent blog.

Kev is really pleased, I just decided to give it a go a couple of weekends ago, and I love it.
So here we are in our gear, I never thought I would be in leather trousers,
I love my jacket with a pink trim, a bit girly but lovely.
We decided to go to the New Forest on Sunday,
not a great journey in the car, but no problem on the bike.
It was a sunny day, and the roads were very busy, but it felt great as we passed all the queuing cars. We were able to drive all around the forest.
It was wonderful to feel so close to everything,
We saw loads of ponies with their young,
cattle and donkeys along side the road
I wanted to show different photo's, not just the forest and the ponies.
We went to Lymington, and watched the ferry leaving for the Isle of Wight
Walked into town, past the shops to the church at the top of the hill.

Back at the harbour full of boats, all my recent blogs have shown boats,
but the Solent where we live is a busy place for crafts of all sizes.

Kev took a shine to this one.

We are hoping our moving date will be the weekend 12th September
We have asked everyone to confirm this is good.
It just needs our solicitor's to get every thing in place
Fingers crossed.

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