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Sunday, 11 October 2009


My Spanish Sampler is finished, and I am very pleased with it.
This is not the best picture, but with almost everything we own packed into boxes, I am glad to be able to show you.
I am looking for some pale green fabric, I will make a cushion cover and place this in the middle, I will also stitch a motif for one corner to bring it all together, the colours will match our new bedroom. If you click on the picture it will enlarge.

We are moving in 5 days, the house is now a shell, my craft room is empty, all my projects are in storage. I have to sort my plants, I have a very kind boss who is allowing me to take my plants into the office and sit them in the window, they will stay there for a couple of weeks.
The only place to pack is the kitchen, I will start that tomorrow.
We have far to much stuff, and we will sort so much after we move, I thought we had done enough but there is still to much for two people.
we have been very stressed for the last week, but now the moving date is getting closer we are feeling happy.
Both our cats have no idea what is happening, I keep telling them they are coming with us, but they wander around the boxes.

I will be off line for two weeks, I have the Internet at work, so I can visit all my fave sites.

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