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Tuesday 27 October 2009

New House

We are in, after a long hard day of moving, two weeks ago, we are settled in the bungalow.
Everything not in storage has been unpacked, our cats have become settled, found warm places to snuggle and are having fun discovering all the new gardens around.

Today we started the "builder game" I re packed the kitchen and downstairs bathroom, we are renewing both, and yes you guessed it, our well recommended builder did not turn up this morning, oh how I dislike this game. With a new kitchen and bathroom due to arrive with in two weeks, please keep your fingers crossed for us.
As for craft, forget it, loads to do, I am looking at designing a sampler, so each evening, when we finally sit down I am sorting through my stash of magazines.
I will try and post some photo's soon, but my camera charger is in storage.

1 comment:

  1. Must feel nice to get the pet family settled again!
    Hope those blokes get to fix your new rooms up soon!
    Will be well worth waiting for, I would guess
    Glad you all OK!and now you have time to sort out those mags! you may find a lot of new projects to do in those ...careful....lol



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