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Saturday 1 August 2009


Last weekend on our way home from Wales to Hampshire, we called in to Clevedon

While we lived in Somerset, this was a local resort, just below Bristol. We visited here often, bringing the girls when they were younger. The pier had been wrecked and there were major fundraising to rebuild it.

So after 10 years away, imagine our delight to find the pier rebuilt and looking so very good.

Having never walked on this pier, the view form the top is fantastic, very simply done with wood planks, it looks as if it has always been like this. We walked down the length passing fishermen, wrapped up from the rain, we were grinning all the way.

At the bottom, just shelters, and a tea room, what more would you need.
Snuggled out of the weather we had steaming coffee and shared a muffin.

We were stunned at our luck as the Balmoral, sailed into view, they were sailing down the Bristol channel. I have sailed on the Balmoral in the 70's, we went to Lundy Island again in the Bristol channel.

The ship tied up at the bottom of the pier, so we were able to have a closer look.

This weekend is another wet one, we have been shopping this morning, I have brought new trousers and jeans, in size 12 which is a size smaller than my normal size, I can not remember the last time I was able to fit into a size 12, so I am feeling very good at this moment.

Later Kev and I are going to see the new Harry Potter film.
Tomorrow Kev is playing Golf so I am having a pamper morning.
And to add to a perfect weekend, Kev has just booked us another weekend trip to Porthcawl in January next year

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