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Thursday, 10 September 2009

New blog site

Blogging has become a family thing, I have often linked to my daughter Fliss's site here
Now hubby is getting in on the act, try popping here
He is a biker amongst other hobbies, could be fun!!

I have a second blog, it covers my miniature projects, visit here
and view my 1820 Georgian house, and other room boxes

With regards to our pending move,
still no date as yet, there are only three in the chain and no one is doing much,
we live in a state of limbo.

I am waiting for the last part of my Spanish sampler to be published,
so I am reading a book.

1 comment:

  1. Cool my hubby loves Bikes too and me as well!
    At the moment he does not have one!
    SHAME! I tell him... he did own a Goldwing recently but that was too HUGE when it fell down we had a job to get it upright again! lol!!! getting older.....darn it!!! so we had to sell it in the end!
    Just have to get another one soon, they are such FUN!!!!



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