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Thursday 6 August 2009


One last look at our weekend
I want to take you into the walled gardens of the Dunraven Estate
We walked along the estate and came to a door,
which just had to be opened

And to our amazement we found gardens
with a fantastic view

There are three sections to this walled garden
In the far corner is the original Ice Tower

Each area different, with fruit and flowers
as well as a formal lawn

The walls stood tall and straight
I could imagine elegant ladies taking the air on a sunny day

With what I call a folly at the bottom
Overgrown with Jasmine, smelling Divine

We have booked a couple of day in January to revisit
No flowers at that time of the year
But I am looking forward to
The weather and the tides crashing against the rocks
A totally different view of the area.

We have a car boot sale to go to this weekend, that's the problem when you downsize,
The bungalow, has the most wonderful master bedroom,
but as a result we have little attic space.
It is fun to find things we have not seen for years
lots of old photo's of the family.
We are having fun deciding what should go,
I'm for getting rid of it, it I've not touched it in over 6 months.
Soon I will have to do my craft room, that's a different matter,
my young neice, Natasha is promised loads of thing.

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