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Friday, 14 August 2009

The Creek

We decided to walk along the creek, it's very near to our house, so no car required.

The tide was low, so it does not look it's best, but filled with little craft waiting for the tide to float them. The walk lasted for 45 minutes, it runs along side the water.
Past The Castle in the Air, a nice typical english pub and business that has built themselves working along the water.
On the far bank is the local golf club, with the greens looking so tidy and smart.

Past the red brick houses, all made with the beautiful Fareham red brick, a reminder of days gone by, the buildings still stand, but the brick works long gone.
Each vessel with it's mask so tall, stretching up towards the sky.

What a great name for a boat, this one is out of the water.
Past the boat yards onto the green,
with blackberry bushes laden with fruit alongside the edge of the path.
walking their dog, a gentle nod as we pass them.

We are very lucky to live in this area, with the countryside and the coastline.
Next time if the tide is in I will take some more photo's and show you the difference.

Still no moving date,
I would like to do more packing, things are moving slowly, papers are being exchanged and signed.

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