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Monday 4 March 2024

Normal is....

 On Friday afternoon, we had our favourite pair of little people visiting, they are both full of fun and laughter, here they are trying on hubbies new gloves, huge but enough fun for giggles all around. The house looked like a toy shop, but who cares when there is so much to share. George was very happy, he does get sad days, which we find hard to work out the reason, he can't communicate too well.
I am very pleased with outside my greenhouse, this is a working area for the garden, but I do like to see it looking good, this set of shelves I purchased at our last house, so they are over 15 years old, They sit in this space, and are very handy for odd pots with plants in, I've been outside and not moved anything around, so area sorted. I can still see my big black tub from the house, it's good to see these shelves being used again. 
I have played with the wildlife pond, it does not need to be pretty, just useful for any wildlife I can attract, the lower section has gravel in the bottom, it's quiet deep in places, I need to sort the sides to hide the pond liner, I have planted more ground cover plants, I got 3 for a pound each in a reduced section, the top container has bigger pebbles and my 1st plant, it's leaves curl as they grow, I hope to get a solar pump in this section to have moving water, I will also need ramps for the wildlife to get out of the water.  
I picked this book up because I loved her previous book, Before I go to sleep, this book is just as good, as a journalist film maker, she has come back to her childhood village, she has changed and no one knows her, she has no family left. She is making a film, which quickly becomes about missing girls, I guessed some of the plot by the middle and guessed the twist before it was revealed, still a brilliant read. Book 19 read this year. 
Did anyone watch The Jury on channel 4, I found it very interesting, knowing it was made for TV and heavily edited, I still found the concept truly clever, to have 2 sets of 12 people, each unaware of the other jury. Watching how someone can change another's opinion, I would have loved to watch them deliberate longer, it helped having such an interesting case. It was on for 4 evenings in a row, I could not wait to watch the next episode. 

Molly slept over on Friday and was good, fast asleep by 7pm, a bit later than normal, she woke once but went back to sleep, she then slept until 7.30am, which is unheard of, normally she wakes just after 6am. Hubby took her home, whilst I sorted the spare bedroom, mummy had put up their play tent, so with Will and George they had plenty of games to play.

This weekend we had a simple normal for us weekend, both Saturday and Sunday were blue skies, dry and on Sunday warm, I did not do much on Saturday, I was tired and still feeling yuck, we did have a glass of red wine with a Chinese takeaway in the evening, I slept the best night sleep in weeks. 

We woke up late on Sunday, hubby got up just before 9am, he opened the curtains, lovely blue skies and popped the radio on, love songs on radio 2, I relaxed, snoozed and listen to the radio until 10.30, then a long lovely shower. We had coffee and biscuits in the garden, it was so warm, I then pottered for a couple of hours, hubby gave our bench a coat of clear varnish. We had lunch outside for the first time this year, and sat chatting, later we walked to the village shops, our neighbour was in the local tap bar, so we popped in for a quick half, they sell wonderful ciders. Later we read and relaxed some more, for the first time in months I feel well and good, I was tired after time outside, but it's a good tired. 

I've still not sown any seeds, but I have sorted my potato growing bags and the tubs for my carrots, another step forward, I can wait another week or two. I was also able to tidy my side of the garage once the bench was back outside again.


  1. That sounds like a lovely weekend. The sun makes such a difference to how we feel.

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing weekend. I've heard about 'The Jury' but haven't watched it. It is a good concept though.

  3. Sounds a lovely weekend.
    Doesn't sunshine make a difference, lets hope we have some more this week.

    All the best Jan

  4. What a lovely weekend you had. Perfect. Having the grands come to visit must always be loads of fun. I am glad you are feeling better.

    God bless.

  5. We had success with potatoes growing bags last year.



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