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Tuesday 19 March 2024

Another week.

A few years ago I made 3 pots of mixed spring bulbs, sadly 2 pots have broken and the contents added to the garden, this is the only pot left, the bottom is cracked and won't last many more years. Having said that it does look good, nice to see tulips, which I can only grow in pots. It sits in the back corner behind our red acer, so won't be seen the the summer months, when it's bare. 
Sunday was another fundraiser for our local Portsmouth Downs Syndrome charity, it was at our out of town shopping centre, we last attended this when George had his walking frame and Molly was in her pushchair, this time we walked much quicker, mummy had time to chat, as George was with me and hubby had Molly. George loved this guy, bringing Will to see his gun, they interacted for ages, Will is wearing his storm trooper outfit, so many children dressed up.
As always it's a family fun day, whilst raising money, loads of people stopped and donated, the Star-wars people always help out and always bring in the crowds, they are all lovely people who give the day for free and interact with everyone. So many children of different ages, from a baby dressed as Yoda to teenagers, one dressed as Princess Laya, it's nice to see faces we know and lovely for the new parents to see how other children thrive.

It's been a strange week, not seen much of daughter, she has been busy, normally she would pop over a couple of times, but the local roadworks makes it difficult for her, the journey times are now much longer, once or twice she has had to change her mind as the tailbacks were just too long. 

I was good on Sunday, Next had their sale, I did look, but nothing there I wanted, hubby found some tops, nicely reduced, so he got 4, hopefully some of the older ones will go in recycling. We had a relaxing afternoon together, even managed a coffee outside in a small burst of sunshine.

We have removed our winter quilt from our bed, for a lighter one, I have been waking up hot most nights, we both love the weight of our winter quilt, but it's time to start thinking warmer weather. Soon it will be sandal wearing weather, I can't wait to get my toes out.

I'm not settling to do much, not reading, definitely no cross stitch, can't concentrate, gardening when it's not raining, I have been cleaning and sorting inside, the lower half of the kitchen was cleaned, whilst the 2 old whitegoods were popped out on the garden. Hubby has been sorting the electrical socket issue in our sitting room, without lifting the wooden floor, but I have emptied my 3 units in the dining room so he could move them, everything got wiped before going back in. For not doing much, things are being sorted and cleaned. 


  1. Those Spring bulbs are just the tonic after all this rain.

  2. There's never any end to sorting and cleaning.
    The fundraising day looked fun. I love the little green tabards.

  3. It looks like the children enjoyed themselves at the fundraiser. Your tulips are way ahead of mine, we always seem much further behind up north.

  4. The fundraising day looks and sounds a lot of fun.

    All the best Jan

  5. Every time I think I have finally purged the house of clutter and things we don't need any more another pile miraculously appears. I'm glad everyone had a good time at the fundraiser and hopefully raised lots of funds and also awareness. Let's hope for more days when coffee can be drunk outside in the sunshine.



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