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Friday 29 March 2024


 I am pleased with this knitting, the back is almost finished, it's a jacket for my sister in law, I had to unpick her work as our tension was different. It does knit very quickly, but I find the knitting needles huge, I have one problem looming, I am sure I won't have enough yarn, I'm just finishing my 3rd 100grm ball. I have looked online and it's still sold, I will know soon how much more I will require.

I purchased this fabric a few years ago, I had a plan, which fell through, now I have a way to use it, I had two old pillows which I have pushed down into a square, and then use the fabric as a cover, these cushions are perfect for our garden. We don't leave out any of our cushions, so they should keep looking this good for the summer, they are a huge size and very comfortable.

I got some Easter shaped cookie cutters which are brilliant for needle felting, so I made a few designs, I do love the rabbit head, I am not following any video's, just making by eye, trying a few different roving's and methods. I had hope to have a few more finished, it's a job for today, was called to nana duties unexpected.

I knocked over this sweet pea stained glass flower and the top flower fell off, I have a small craft solder iron, and had a go at fixing it, I'm pleased to say it worked and I think still looks good. If I had messed up, hubby would have sorted it for me, he was busy in garage building my huge bughouse for the garden.

Whilst I had my sewing machine out, I stitched the badges on our neighbours son's cubs blanket, it's a simple job, I keep the colour in the machine bobbin the same colour as the blanket, and match the main reel to the colour of the badge. I really had fun with my sewing machine and should use it more, but I always need to pack it away  I sew on my dining room table, where we sit and eat every day.

I am again looking at my black spotty bag, I'm still not happy, the bag section is perfect, my fix works, but the round hand stitched flap is not right, I am going to look in my scrap box to see if I have anymore spotty material, I have an idea forming.

I'm not making any comments regarding this non stop rain, I hoped our spring was going to be warm, sunny and dry, having said that we have had a few dry hours for a couple of days.


  1. I think that jacket is knitting up very nicely.

    Well done on mending your sweet pea stained glass flower.

    All the best Jan

  2. The jacket is going to look lovely and the garden cushions are very pretty. I imagine needle felting can be quite addictive. I love the rabbit head - very sweet.

  3. Even Gardeners World presenters mentioned the relentless rain last night.

  4. Love those pretty cushions. I have some stained glass birds that hang in the window and a small crystal ball that sends little rainbows dancing on the walls when the sun shines in. Little things, but they bring joy. My mother used to say.."A thing of beauty is a joy forever." You are tempting me to try needle felting......so very cute. Could you send that rain over our way???

  5. Love the Easter needle felting designs :-)



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