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Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Last week in November

The green pot has last years Amaryllis bulb, the white pot has my new bulb, I have planted them differently, using much bigger pots and having the bulb sit higher up in the compost, which now I know is the correct way. I have re-potted another bulb, but I'm not sure it will grow, there are still 2 more bulbs in the greenhouse in leaf, but no flower stalk. 
I was given these sweet pots for a birthday present, there is a 3rd one, on the box it suggest you use them for herbs, the pot is a bit small for herbs. I love succulents, and these are a perfect size, the big plant in the yellow cup, I've had in a big gravy boat with other plants, but it was too crowded, so I have made this it's permanent home. The green pot has shoots from an expensive plant I purchased back in March, it would be nice to have more of these plants, I have 6 planted in here. 
My birthday gift from my brother, 14 days later I have lost all the bottom leaves, this has been in the office, which is warm and sunny, but sadly not enough for this plant, I have moved it in hope I can stop the drop. 
Kurt has new hair, the previous grass did not weather well, I cut the tips back as it got very long and then it just looked untidy, this grass is the 3rd type he has had, the 1st blood grass was too thin. I think this should look good, it's from my sink, I planted it in the ground, but a cat has been sleeping on it, 
The garden looking tidy, with this blue sky it could be July or August.
I loved this book, it's a real good read, twisted all the way through, so many ' he did it, no she did it' and after it was solved another twist, just brilliant, her sequel is not due until next summer, I can't wait.  this being my 44th book read this year, I already have my next lined up.

Monday morning we spent time outside, sunny but cold, we cut back the Magnolia tree, it's a necessary job each year, otherwise the tree would be too large for the garden, the top needs cutting back, but we can do that in the spring, hubby picked up all the leaves, not that it stayed clear for long, as I always say, any work on this tree is a labour of love. I have also cut back all the late fruiting raspberries, we had a bumper crop this year, the 3 decorative plant frames have been put into my shed, the back section is now clear. Everything tender is now inside the greenhouse,  the 30mins I spent in the greenhouse was bliss, it's lovely and warm inside, so many plants are thriving in there. 

Tuesday I went to sign class, it was at my neighbours house across the road, so no traveling, Shelia our tutor was unwell and did not attend (flu bugs) so it was more of a social gathering, which was fun.  Hubby and I popped to an out of town shopping place, it's our nearest M&S store in afternoon, for just a couple of things.  I treated myself to a pair of jeggings, just because I liked the colour and a couple sports bras, I am loving no-wired bras, so comfortable. I am having a much slower week this week. Today I think Molly might be have some time here, the boys are at nursery and school, mum can get a few hours on her own, then crafting, I have almost finished another item.

Thank you for all your kind comments about my finished cushion and our George, family has always been so important to us, having his family home so close has allowed us to be able to support and play with all 3 children, and help mummy and daddy. It is sad when our other grandchildren live so far away, Covid has taken all the joy of making trips anywhere, we always found time to visit our parents regularly, but this busy world their family weekend time is filled with clubs and other interests, we see less and less of our grandsons. 


  1. I got a poinsetta last year which i had in my livingroom, it was losing leaves at an alarming rate so i moved it into the spare bedroom which is much cooler. Fast forward a year and it is thriving with lots of red leaves appearing. I pretty much neglected it, only giving it a little water when it had dried out.

  2. Oh no, I hope you manage to hang on to your poinsettia until Christmas when your brother returns, he'll be expecting to see it blooming away. I've had a couple over the years but I admit they're not my favourite plants. It's such a shame you don't get to see all your grandchildren as often as you'd like, as you say, it's been even more difficult with the pandemic in our midst. It's good that your daughter's family live close by though and that you're able to help them out with babysitting duties.

  3. I hope Kurt's new hair works out. At least you ONLY have a cat sleeping on it - we have a heather bed which the * 🤬 * 🤬 * 🤬 * neighbour's cat insists on using as a toilet so have had to net the whole thing.

  4. I hope your poinsettia perks up for your brother's visit....although I suppose you could always buy a new one if it doesn't, would he notice the difference?!

  5. I've found that some years the Poinsettias do better than other years. They are such a wonderful Christmas plant aren't they.

    All the best Jan

  6. I hope your poinsettia gets some new leaves. They are so lovely at Christmas.

    God bless.

  7. Do you ever start a book and not finish it because you don't like the style or it is uninteresting? Or do you push through? My goal is only 12 books for the year and I still have that problem.

    Thank you for correcting the way I plant amaryllis, maybe better luck now.

    1. If I can't get into a book, I will try for a few chapters and then ditch it. I have read a few dud ones to the end, but there are far too many good books to waste time reading rubbish. You have a busy young family, so I'm amazed you get any reading time.

  8. fun that you are in a signing class, I sign but don't often get the chance to practice. You seem to pack a lot in to your days. I don't do well with poinsettia although I think they drop leaves when they get a shock and prefer tepid water not cold, hope yours comes back to life.



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