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Friday, 26 November 2021

Along came three

This blanket is finished, here it is on my king size bed, I love the colours, very me, it's made with a fine cotton purchased in Spain a few years ago, I used 3 x 200 grm balls, and I'm left with just 14grms. I do have one 200 grm ball left in a pale cream, not sure why I did not use it, I do think these 3 colours work well together, I just made the design up as I worked on it. 
I love the drape and weight of this blanket, I will get loads of pleasure in using this, and being cotton it's easy to wash and dry. I stitched all the ends in as I made the blanket, so I only had the finished strand to sew in. I have promised myself I will not make anymore granny square blankets, I think after this one they will all feel less worthy. Next year I hope to teach myself to follow patterns in crochet. 
I have finished my friend shawl, I still don't like the colours, I'm not a fan of yellow, but I've shown it to another friend who agrees it perfect colours. I knit these shawls up quickly and I enjoy making them, this is another Christmas gift, this friend does not craft at all. 
I really should have not cast on a pair of socks for me, but I loved this yarn, again it's James C Brett, this time just done in the main green colour, I am again pleased with the stripe match, I'm going to have warm toes again this winter. I have now cast on a pair of men's socks, not as a Christmas gift, but as a thank you for my wood turning friend, his wife has given me his shoe size. 
I'm loving putting these colours together for a pair of socks, Mick does wear colourful socks, so 🤞he is going to love these. The stripe in the bright blue is dark brown, I will do the toes matching the top, the heel I will do in the dark brown. 

Every spare moment I am crafting, I want to have everything done in the next couple of weeks, the time consuming items are finished, daughter  requested the few things for George, he is moving bedrooms, out of the nursey into a bigger room. Molly will be going into the nursery, as yet nothing from me is required, it is a small room. 

Christmas cards are all almost done, I have mainly the inserts to print out and attach, they should be in the post next week. I did cheat and buy one box for the sign ladies, I just fell in love with the simple design on the front.

It's been a restful few days, plenty of time knitting, lazy afternoons at home, we did do a big shop at our local Lidl, the freezer is now full, we should not need to shop for a while. Today I am going into town with hubby using my new bus pass, I have an eye test booked, which I'm sure will see me needing new glasses, expensive but necessary, no other plans, a treat of lunch out. The weather is now cold, with a strong wind from the north, so a weekend inside is planned, no gardening, the leaves are being blown off, but we will wait a few days in hope the wind dies down.


  1. The blanket is lovely, it's nice that it's got a good drape to it, it makes it all the more snuggly. Cotton will be nice to use in both winter and summer so I'm sure it will get a lot of use. Your friend will love her shawl, I do like yellow so I think the colours are pretty, and what a lovely idea to knit your wood turning friend some socks, he'll be pleased with those in the cold weather.

  2. Gosh, you're clever. The new blanket is beautiful.

    If you are planning something more adventurous than Granny Squares next year, do you follow Lucy at attic24.typepad.com/

    Absolute crochet heaven, and she is a really lovely lady.

  3. All your crochet and knitting is lovely. I've not done much lately, still got a blanket for husband to finish.

  4. All your knitted items are lovely. I used to knit and crochet from patters but my eyesight isn't good enough now.
    It'll be nice to give Christmas gifts that you have made yourself, they will be well received.

  5. What a gorgeous blanket.

    You certainly are moving right along crafting. Good work.

    God bless.

  6. Love your blanket! I’m crocheting a square one like that at the moment, you inspire me to keep going.



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