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Monday, 29 November 2021

Wet outside, busy inside.

We did look around a few shops when in Fareham on Friday, I like TK Max at this time of year, I have often looked at snow globes, the ones I like often are expensive, whilst the cheaper ones have naff things inside, this one was a good price and I love it. Hubby surprised me, he picked up these 2 mugs, we already have Christmas mugs, but I'm not complaining, he never buys items for Christmas. 
 Another brilliant book, I have read a few by C L Taylor, everyone I have loved, this is just as good, a who dun it, but with a twist it's not the police who are looking, again I did not want to put it down. This being my 45th book read this year. 
Mick's 1st sock is almost done, I'm up to size 7, need to reach size 10, I will knit the toes blue to match the top. 
We don't get too many weather warnings here in Hampshire, Friday night was very windy, the garden was strewn with leaves, no damage, Saturday was cold and wet and then cold and sunny as the storm clouds rolled through. Sunday was cold and blue skies, the wind was bitter. I'm not complaining as we miss most of the winter weather here, the havoc in the north with snow was shown on TV, we are lucky none came our way.  

Friday we went into town on the bus, both using our bus passes (free journey) apart from heavy rain as we walked to the bus, we had no problems, the nearest bus stop is 5 minutes walk from home, the bus comes through every 12 minutes, we are on the main route from Fareham to Portsmouth. Both buses were packed, it's good to see our route so well used. It was a shock to have heavy cold rain, it been dry here for weeks, the storm went through in about 10 minutes and it stayed dry the rest of the time we were out.

Saturday we did not go far, only to the village, its just so cold suddenly, and with the rain, it's best to stay inside. I made loads of items, using my sewing machine, I can lose myself for days sat sewing. Sunday was much the same inside, it did look nice outside but was bitter cold, I had a bad tummy so no sewing, just resting.

Today has started very frosty, everywhere is white and cold, not planning to go out, I hope to finish my sewing, I'm feeling much better, no plans to go out. 


  1. I do love those mugs, I'll have to see if our TK Maxx has them in. Yes, the weather has turned much cooler, we woke to snow on Saturday, I thought the rain we had later in the day would shift it but it's been so cold that it's still hanging around.

  2. The TK Maxx in Taunton always looks like a big jumble sale, I think - the untidiness puts me off a bit. The mugs and snow globe are nice.

  3. I never look at the clothes for that reason, the racks always look messy, I do like the household, garden and Christmas sections.

  4. I do like those mugs ... enjoy using them :)

    All the best Jan



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