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Monday 19 October 2020

Potting up

You know I love a good tidy up, this small area I call my fruit garden, it's next to our decking and seating area,  I have a good crop of berries each summer. Tucked in the back is my kiwi plant I grew from seed, it's a big tree which I have tried to keep small, but it's not working, I knew I would never get fruits, but I did hope I could get blossom, but it's a mess and it's time for it to go. We also want the Olive tree in this area, the branches get in the way of clothes on our line where it is now. 
This area outside my greenhouse I love, but the plants in the big pot need sorting, I don't want to separate them, so I need a bigger pot, humm I have a spare pot now, much bigger and would sit in this spot, should look better. 
This blue pot has yew in, and they are pot bound the bigger pot above will soon be free, perfect solution. I want to get next year a couple Chocolate cosmos, it's a plant I love, it can be placed in this pot and moved into the greenhouse over winter. The blue pot will look good closer to the decking. 
Kirk's hair is now punk, I love this Japanese blood red grass, but it's not quite what I was wanting, but I do have a different grass which will curl rather than growing up straight, and this blood red grass can go in the bigger pot at the back of the garden. 

That's the before here's the after....


This pot has been moved to the front garden,
it looks good in this corner where nothing wants to grow. 

Nothing beats a day in the garden, Saturday was warm, we had lunch outside, everywhere is sorted and tidy again, hubby had dug the base out for the water butt by the garage, one side had sunk again, so now there is a concrete base and it should stay put, the rain due this week should help to fill the water butt again. 

I put a Begonia in my blue pot for now, it's still flowering, so it can stay there until it dies down and I can find another spot. I have popped spring bulbs into the big pot outside my greenhouse and a pansy, there will be space for summer bedding plants as well. I had to move the broken pot which hedgehogs use overnight, but I've placed it in a second spot where the hedgehogs sleep, I have also added dried leaves as their bedding. The bright green grass in Kirk looks much better, I planted them a bit deeper and topped up with gravel, this grass will take a trim when it gets too long. I will need one bag of slate for the fruit garden, just to finish it off, but everything else I already had, so a cost effective time in the garden. 

Thank you for your kind comments from my last post, we as so lucky to have so many wonderful grandsons, and extremely lucky to live so close to Will and George, to be such a big part of their lives is a precious gift. 

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  1. Like you I love a day in the garden tidying, moving stuff around. You always get such a great sense of achievement when you're done, unlike housework which gets undone quickly.



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