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Friday, 8 January 2021

Coming in

I was so pleased to see our library is open to drop off and collect books, all pre-picked for me, this is my 3rd month and I am enjoying the selection of books, I have not read any of these. I spoke to the ladies, they leave returned books on the shelves for 3 days, the rack have wheels on so they can wheel them away from the door. The books are picked the week before collection, we can only step just inside the library, the racks and tables block the entrance. It feels safe and for me it's an important life line, we read most days, these will be left before I start to read them.
I have been clothes shopping online, some of my jumpers are getting a bit tatty, and whilst I'm not going out much, I still like to look smart, for myself. So with the January sales on, I went to Marks & Spencer site, well at my age it's where you start, I got 4 half priced jumpers at £12 each, they are not huge thick ones, I'm OK for that style, these are the thinner soft ones, which I wear most days in the cooler months. The free postage started at £50, so I got another pack of cotton socks, always handy to have. I am surprised M&S are making any money, 3 out of 5 items arrived, all in separate parcels, they did say they were coming from different locations, but that's a lot if postage. 
I got another email from Clarks outlet site offering me more discount and free delivery, so I had a look, these soft trainers were £65, I would never pay that for this type of shoe, with the discounts they were just over £27 a much better price, my soft deck shoes were scruffy, so these are now mine. I am being bombarded with emails, but most of them get deleted unopened, my spending is now done. 
I got this book from a charity shop, it's a another big book, 469 pages, this is my 2nd book read this year. I enjoyed the story set in Dublin, it was believable, lots of wrong turns and what if's. Her writing style is full of detail, normally that wears me out, but in this case it was done well, I will read more of her books. 
Hubby is not impressed with me, he would love me to treat myself more, and buy clothes like I used to, but when I gave up work 3 years ago, I was sorting my wardrobe to pass on work clothes, I was horrified how many items I had, many of them not being worn, I vowed then I would wear them all. For years I was happy to buy clothes and after a couple of wears pass them to the charity shops, these days I am aware of the amounts of water and energy it takes to make garments, often in countries where there are poor working conditions. I do give items to the Salvation army collection bins, we have one in a local car park, these items are sent to those who need them most. Shoes and reading glasses are collected by our dry cleaners shop and sent around the world, I don't have so much to give away, but everything decent gets a second life. Books and household items all go to our local charity shop. 

We are both feeling much better, the cold lingered as they always do, thankfully the cough has gone, nobody wants to hear you cough these days. I have been out once, we needed milk and eggs, I'm having porridge and hubby cereal each mornings, and I am making milky drinking chocolate most nights, and some fresh veg, only stayed in the village, we do have an Asda order due next week. I have no plans to go out again the numbers infected and passing away are horrendous, we have our local figures published each week, they are below the national average but still far too high for my liking, so we hide at home. 

I have started another pair of socks, which I am excited to be knitting, and I have collected yarn for SIL's socks, I plan to finish one pair whilst knitting the boys jackets and then go on the knit for SIL. I read most days, and I have started watching on BBC Iplayer, Hidden, it's a police drama set in Wales from a couple years ago, there is a second seriers so plenty to watch. Hubby and I have also started watching The Queens Gambit, we don't watch TV in the day time, but it helps fill the evenings as we are not getting out much and boredom is lingering. 


  1. We watched the Queens Gambit at the end of last year, it was very good. I'm quite tempted to read the book now too!
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Loved the Queens Gambit, even Harvey liked it and he is not one for series watching.

    Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like you have a great deal planned.

    God bless.

  3. So glad you are feeling better now. I like the jumpers you chose and M & S is the online store I go to now although i am making do with last years knitwear so don't need anything new. Not going out has a lot to do with that decision for me.

  4. Our library closed during the last two lockdowns but it's open this time. We can order books online and collect them, but no browsing, which is fine for me. I can't settle do much at the moment, I haven't done any crafting at all since before Christmas and very little reading.

  5. I have no desire to go out in this freezing cold weather either, thankfully I don't need to just yet. I like your online purchases I was looking at the Debenhams website yesterday so many bargains now that they are closing down but I didn't buy anything although I think it gives you a bit of a boost to get a nice parcel in the mail. I'm pleased your colds are improving have a nice weekend.

  6. I like Hidden. I enjoyed it. Queens Gambit is great - loved it. We're currently watching The Serpent on Iplayer. Nerve wracking but really good.

  7. I'm so glad you are feeling better now. Its such a worry when you feel off colour in any way at the moment. We have so many hospital appointments booked and then cancelled and I'm still waiting for 2 procedures myself.
    I really like your new jumpers, socks and trainers. Well done for treating yourself. I need new slippers so might take a look in the sales online. Not going out makes me reluctant to buy anything else 🤨 Enjoy your weekend x

  8. I still haven't checked to see if our library is open, I'm hoping it will be.
    We liked Hidden, BBC iPlayer can be very useful!

    All the best Jan

  9. I'm happy to hear you are both feeling better. I really hope the vaccine roll-out helps and you soon get to see your family again. In the meantime, thank goodness for books and television and online shopping! Take care, Mxx



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