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Monday 11 January 2021

1st start of the year

I love these socks, using an odd ball of nice yarn and a contrast colour, all the ends stitched in and on to the sock stretchers.
I have a hole, I must have snipped a stitch when cutting off the ends, I could darn this and it would hardly notice, but these are a gift. Cue loads of swear words, I'm not going to say how I feel, stupid mistake.
So here's my new sock, not so bright pink, the colours are lighter going into grey. I could unpick and use the same pink yarn, but there are loads of sewn in thread, making unpicking a bitch to do. Not the crafty start I had planned for the year. 
PS these are not for SIL.
Amaryllis time, this is the cheaper bulb purchased at Lidl, a white flower,  the expensive garden centre bulb is a good height, its a couple weeks behind this one. 
I got my plastic tulips out again, a bit early, but I felt the need for colour, these are behind the sofa brightening up the corner. The orchid flowers are the last blooms from the plant we purchased back in later October, these are such great value plants, they bloom for so long. 
My last two jumpers arrived, both in one parcel, so 4 parcels for one M&S order, I'm pleased with each jumper, they should keep me warm for years. We also purchased another Alexa for our bedroom, we both enjoy playing 70's or 80's music on our sitting room Alexa, or different artists, all without ads or anyone talking, perfect for background when reading, we have also ordered special bulbs, so she will be able to turn on and dim the lights, we are not lazy, often we have a cat on our laps. We have a lamp in the bedroom which will be great to be able to turn on/off hands free, plus we can set a wakeup alarm, we can also get information from her, on cold mornings we can set music to listen to without getting out of bed. 

We have not been out in days, it's cold and dry outside, no snow here, we have food and a warm house, plenty of books, and craft for me, hubby is back baking, he still has his boot on, but his ankle is much stronger. We have together made decisions for the back garden, I am always itching to be outside this time of year, my unheated greenhouse is doing well, I do have a heater but as yet I have not needed to use it, it does stay warm inside. 

I have loads of views on the idiots who think the rules are not for them, and the ones who choose to view the rules in their own way so they can carry on with their lives, I know I'm not alone, I have read so many bloggers post, all feeling the same, the figures locally are off the scale, I'm scared and so are my friends and neighbours, so we hide in our homes. I don't know how we can repay the shop workers, the bin collection guys, the bus and delivery drivers, those who come face to face with different people every day, they are bloody marvellous, normal people who are doing the greatest of jobs. Stay safe, don't take risk, someday we will look back on this and hopefully learn lessons. 


  1. Oh no, that's so disappointing. I know what you mean about not wanting to give the sock as a gift but you could darn it, finish the pair and keep these for yourself. I really think the lockdown rules should be made tougher, I live in a street where I see visitors coming and going every single day, it gets me down when I know we're doing everything we can to stay safe, not just for us but for other people too, yet there are older people in our street who have different people in their houses regularly.

  2. Such a shame about the mistake in your sock, I'd be cursing too. I agree with Jo about seeing neighbours openly flouting the rules. We'll never be rid of this virus while people think the rules don't apply to them.

  3. That's a shame but it's so easily done! I have become an expert at repairing dropped stitches, I just use a very fine crochet hook to weave it back up the ladder and secure the stitch on the wrong side it's hardly noticeable. I was quite happily picking up stitches from the heel flap of mine this morning when I realised I hadn't even turned the heel so quite a bit of pulling back to do. What is wrong with people what does it take to get the message through to them, luckily everyone in my street seems to be sticking to the rules but I can see when I'm out that there are plenty who aren't.

  4. Oh no, how frustrating for you, as Jo says, darn it and keep them for yourself. I agree with everyone´s comments, here they are quite strict, especially the supermarket, with gloves and masks, but everyone adheres to the rules and waits patiently, we have to wait at the checkout for one person to finish and pack before we can load ours onto the conveyer. Although we are lucky to still be able to get ours delivered, we are just inside their limit. We don´t go out and haven´t seen anyone for ages, thank goodness for zoom etc xcx

  5. I would be beside myself if I finished a beautiful garment like that and found a hole, I know you will work your magic, you are very clever. Covidiots are still with us, they haven't learned a thing. I have done one top up shop, quick in and out. Apart from that its been dog walks an knitting.

  6. Ahhh, that would be so frustrating. I do like the contrast colour you chose.

    God bless.

  7. I was gifted an orchid from my eldest, last Mother's Day. I agree, the blooms last for ages. Only mine came in a tall glass vase, maybe to increase the humidity? But it just grows in bark, and only needs watering once a fortnight. I never thought I'd be an orchid fan, until I received one. 😉

    PS: I hope your husband's ankle heals up soon. I know how annoying an injury can be, lol. Stay warm, both of you.

  8. I am having the problem with my amaryllis (5!) that they are just sending up leaves and no flowers. My friend L completed her master gardener classes, we think I did not let the bulbs rest long enough. Poo.
    The socks are gorgeous, well done.



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