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Tuesday, 8 December 2020


After having Will on Saturday night, last night for the first time we had George on a sleepover, he was in bed by 7.30 and slept through as expected. We had Will at 2 months on his first sleepover, mummy took longer to be able to let George stay, which is good with us, we hope to have him again next week on his own, ready for the new year when we will have both of the together. 
I could not put this book down, it was compelling reading, the story twisted its way to a brilliant ending. 75th book read this year. 
Will was a good boy on his sleepover, we had homemade pizza which he loves, he did wake up at 5.30am and I got up with him, normally he would crawl into our bed and snuggle, but he was wide awake, I had a few things planned to do, but he just wanted to play with the dinky cars we have. 

It's a mixed start to the week here, hubby went out on his motorbike on Sunday and came off, his front wheel slid on a drain cover, luckily it was at a junction and he was going slow, but he has strained his ankle and had a huge bruise, so he is limping around the house. 
Having George was bliss, he's such a happy little man, and interested in everything, Purdy one of our cats loves him and will stay very close to him. He was not interested in the Christmas tree, just all the toys we have here for him. 
I am now feeling much happier, I still have the huge worry, we won't know the outcome until the new year, I have everything crossed things will happen to allow us a better life, but I also know I'm not always that lucky, as they say 'time will tell'. Your recent comments have helped, I grew up with a mum who was a strong woman, so feeling sorry for myself was never entertained. 
I should have been having a coffee and chat with our sign class friends, outside in the village, but George is with us until after lunch, only half the ladies will be there, so hopefully we can all get together before Christmas.
I have not done any crafting, I have spent most of my time reading, at least I have stopped staring into space most afternoons, I did finish daughters cake, and just have to marzipan and ice ours. I also still have to finish the item I am making George, so a sewing machine day is needed. 


  1. I was always grateful that my mum had my children on sleepovers every so often, not that we went out anywhere, it was just a case of being able to catch up on some sleep. Daniel was a terrible sleeper, even as he got older. I hope your husband's ankle improves quickly.

  2. I hope there is a good outcome to your worries, the waiting and not knowing is the hard part. What a joy to have your grandsons stay over with you and I hope your hubby recovers well from his nasty fall. Take care.

  3. My Grandchildren are all grown up now and I'm waiting for Great Grandchildren to appear but none of them seem to be in a hurry. I'd love to hold a baby again.

  4. I still have my grand-daughter on sleepovers even though she is all grown up now (20 yrs old). I love having her with us she always brightens our day. It is such a joy to cuddle a little one though! Enjoy!! Amanda x

  5. Sounds like George has given you a real lift, hope you can keep positive and the worry is soon over. Take care

  6. I do hope your husbands ankle heals quickly.

    I think it is so good that you are able to help out with the grandchildren.

    Stay safe, well and warm.
    Brrr it's certainly got chilly recently.

    All the best Jan

  7. I hope your husband is on the mend now, bet that was scary for him.



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