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Thursday, 10 December 2020

More kindness

Hand turned by a really lovely friend, delivered by him and his wife, a chat on the door step, smiles and feeling great. The bowl has been turned on the side of the wood, normally he uses a slice, the grain is very different. 
After turning me a bowl with a crack in earlier in the year, he knew how to use this Holly trunk, he has made a pair of candle sticks for his wife and one for me, its so tactile, the knots, the different shades, there is nothing not to like. This is going to have a premium place, its just so beautiful. 
I did say I was not getting one this year, but they are beautiful plants, I'm loving this table display.
Have been so blue for so long, I am now feeling better, and even festive, I managed to wrap family gifts and pack them up for posting, I also finished writing all our cards. The Christmas cake is ready for its marzipan layer, and I'm looking on how to decorate the top, I hope to make toppers again this year, or go crazy and do a marbled finish in Christmas colours. 

Hubby took a trip to A&E, just to be safe, he had fractured his ankle, so he is now wearing a boot, he was able to book an appointment, was in sorted and back out in less than an hour, the down side was I had to sit in the car, it was very cold, but I'm glad he is sorted. I managed to pass on kindness, a lady's card would not work in hospital carpark, so I paid for her parking, it felt good. 

We had George on Wednesday morning, mummy took Will for his swimming lesson, it's been a busy time, but it's a labour of love. George is surprising me, he picks up things quickly, he can now call the cat to him, he is using his cup most of the day, I even had him holding it himself. Will was a good boy after a great swimming lesson, he can now swim unaided and has no fear of the water. 

I have purchased a pair of leather summer sandals from Clarks outlet, reduced from £66 to £20, plus free delivery, they are yellow, which would not have been my 1st choice, but a great saving. 

 I am reading another book by Karen Slaughter, it's a good start, her books are often huge, this one has 484 pages, the last book was almost 600 pages. I have also started the 2nd sleeve for Will's jacket, it will not take long to knit, my cross stitch has as yet not been touched. Things here feel more balanced, I have said before I need to plan and know how and where things are going, my big worry is still there, but I am managing to a better level, it's not in the forefront anymore. 


  1. The bowl and candlestick are lovely, some people are so clever in the things they make and how kind to think of you. It's a good job your hubby decided to go to A&E, I hope he doesn't have to wear the boot for too long. Well done to Will, I think it's lovely when children love the water. I was late in learning to swim, I had a fear of the water and I vowed I would get my kids learning early, and I did. They could both swim from an early age and they're strong swimmers. They loved the water and Eleanor even went on to swim competitively. The best thing is seeing them enjoy the water though.

    1. I still fear the water and will not go on small boats, I did have swimming lessons and was getting on well, then I stop due to illness and never went back. Both daughters can swim and love the water as does their sons, living so close to the sea it's important they can swim.

  2. Your hubby did right to get checked at A&E and I hope his ankle heals soon.

  3. I'm glad you're starting to feel better, Marlene. Coincidence both our husbands having feet in plaster, although mine hasn't broken bones. And yes we should meet up in the Walled Gardens next year.

  4. I think it's the time of year making us feel a little blue, it's been hard to get into the jolly holiday mindset with everything going on. I'm glad you're feeling better. How kind of you to help someone out. The wooden presents are gorgeous. I hope hubby makes a speedy recovery.

  5. Good job your hubby went to get checked out, I hope he heals quickly. I keep looking at getting a poinsettia but they are poisonous to cats and I have nowhere to put one where it would be away from them, I do love to see them though. Beautiful gifts from your, how clever he is

    1. My cats never go near any of my plants, so I can have them, they do not climb on my tables.

  6. Beautiful candle stick and bowl. What lovely gifts.

    God bless.



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