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Friday, 18 December 2020

Friday feeling

Another great book, I feel so lucky to be able to find so many good books, this was one of the six chosen for me from our local library. I was pleased as it was on my list of books to read, book 79 this year. 
You can see the happiness on Wills face, our local force had its meet the public in town center as daughter and Will walked through after his swimming lesson and as always they went to say hello, and they made his day

Acts of kindness, simple things, our local barber popped to our house today, we wore mask so he could cut hubby's hair, even if I drove to the village hubby would have struggled to get to the shop, this simple kind act has again left me feeling so very good, and hubby has tidy hair again. 

So much to think about, locally the city of Portsmouth with a couple of local towns are now in tier 3, we are still tier 2, but it's so close it does not feel safe. Our local hospital is not anywhere I would want to be, hubby does not have any more appointments. We have our huge Asda order being delivered on Sunday, so no plans to go anywhere other than our village. With the hold up at the ports slowing things coming into UK, there is nothing much we need in the weeks to come, planning ahead has worked this time with us. 

Sadly the bird flu has come to our area, the swans on the local creek has been infected and some have died, the council and DEFRA are both working to save the remaining swans, but it's another knock in this really horrible year.

We are heading into the weekend with feelings of sadness, my brother should have been driving down for Christmas, sadly its not a safe year to mix, our levels are higher than in Somerset, so the risk is too much. We won't be on our own, we are spending Christmas with daughter, SIL, Will and George, staying within our bubble, but only for 1 day. Just more of the same in this strange year. 


  1. I've just bought that book, and looking forward to reading it. Sad about the swans, what a shame. We too are having an unusual Christmas by ourselves with just my son who is coming for dinner.

  2. I love that cheeky face in the police car.

  3. It seems to be one thing after another this year doesn't it. Bird flu now, what next? I'd say roll on next year but we don't know what that's got in store for us yet. It's such a shame that families are being kept apart at Christmas, let's hope that we've got some sort of normality back by next Christmas and we can see our loved ones again without fear of spreading the virus.

  4. My daughter took her boys to London a few years back and her boys were allowed to sit on their motorcycles. The two policemen even gave up their helmets for a photo shoot. Will is beaming and will remember that for a long time. I think this year has been hard for most people and a little kindness goes a long way.

  5. Ohh, this is the second book I have seen on blogs that I will need to read at some point.

    Wil looks very happy.

    God bless.

  6. Those little acts of kindness sound great, restores ones faith in human nature.



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