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Monday, 21 December 2020

My heaven

I love tree's, I always have, this twisted willow I got when it was just a twig, it's beautiful in summer and also in winter, I love the structure it brings into the garden. 
My dogwood, is just as we hoped, it will get bigger over the years and will look stunning against the green of the water butt, turning a dull corner into a beautiful feature. 
My Acer is another beautiful shape, I have the green tape at the bottom to stop the cats. The grasses in the sink give colour to this area. The front pot is my little lemon clematis, which is closing down for the winter. I also love the tower baskets with pebbles in, the shades look better after the rain. 
My triple Acers and a spring pot, both looking good.
Fruit pots even look good at this time of year. 
My Pomegranate plant, it's the 1st winter I have left it outside, I am keeping a close eye on it, I would hate to lose this small tree, I grew it from a pip/seed from a fruit. 
Olives are changing colour, very few have dropped off, but the birds have feasted on the new smaller one which formed in September, which I don't mind at all, I do try to have natural bird foods growing in this garden. 
The back garden is looking good, the hedge leaves are changing and giving late colour, there are no berries left here. 
By the front door the eucalyptus are looking good, I have 2 plants either side of the front door, they are getting bigger, so I plan to cut them back next spring. 
I never move the geranium, it's survived for years in this chimney pot, it should be dormant at this time of year,  I'm watching it to see if it flowers again. I also have a begonia corn in this pot, but now is lost all the foliage and is sleeping. 
Winter jasmin along the back fence, with my lights, which are left up all year, they are solar so we don't see them on so much now. These tiny yellow flower look so good, I pop here most days to my greenhouse and shed. 
Even on a dull wet day, this view brings joy to me. 
I had not planned to post today, but with so much negative news everywhere, I went to the place where I find joy, my garden has helped with healing after too many operations and dealing with cancer, stress after bad days at work and now with anxiety. I really hope you have such a place to go, peaceful and calming, I'm now going to plan for next growing season.


  1. Your garden looks beautiful. It's nice to read about something other than doom and gloom. I'm pleased it's such a sanctuary for you.

  2. Your garden looks lovely even in the depths of winter, it's lovely to have a green space to look out onto amidst all the doom and gloom. Have a lovely Christmas.

  3. We've been so lucky to have our gardens this year when we've been confined to our homes. I do feel for those without any outdoor space at this time.

  4. Your garden is really looking lovely. There is so much variety there. What is the watering can thing? It looks fascinating.

    1. It's a rain chain, I do love it, there is no bottoms so no water collects.

    2. I will have to Google that. Thank you.

  5. We have trees that are more then 100ft tall and we're forever hoovering up their leaves with our power grass cutter.. but in leaf they are spectacular, and the Judas tree when in flower is an amazing bright pink mass. Trees are beautiful aren't they.

  6. Doom and gloom is all that's on the news now, glad you can find peace in your garden. It still looks lovely even in the Winter. Take care

  7. You have such a lovely garden.

    God bless.

  8. Thanks for the lovely tour of your peaceful garden. Your joy in this space shows through in your post :)

  9. You have a wonderful garden! Such a lot to see! keep well Amanda x



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