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Wednesday, 23 December 2020


I have seen this book for sale at £25 for a new copy, which is not a bad price for a book, but with gardening books I have found they look promising and then don't deliver, so I have passed it by. Hubby found it on Amazon 2nd hand at £8.49 and at that price it was worth having a copy. This book delivers, it's just what I need to be able to choose garden plants which gives colour in the cooler months as well as the summer. I do also like Nick Bailey, he has a simple approach to gardening. 
 I do have a couple of years of Gardeners World mags, I keep for reference, I do pull them out in winter months in hope of inspiration, but there is never enough details to be able to plan for my garden. I got most of these on a 2 year deal, I rarely buy them now.  
In normal times I would not have picked this book to read, it was picked on my library's scheme for me, it's an uncomplicated story line, simple lives, I did enjoy reading it.  
Another book I would not have picked up by choice, I have read Danielle Steel books before, I find them predictable, the female always gets to the place she wants to be and wins the heart of the man she loves, and always in the last few chapters. Book 81 of this year. 

I did walk to the village on Tuesday, the new Tesco express was open, I had a look, plenty of stock in there, I got our fruit and veg from our local shop, and I managed to pick up a couple of cheap books to read. I walked to Co-op and got the last 2 items we required, the Co-op had almost sold out of it's Christmas stock, seams we are all shopping local this year. I will stay in today as it is market day, and I expect the village to be busy, and as there are just 2 of us, we have plenty of food and treats. 

We watched It's a wonderful life, I try and watch this iconic film each Christmas, black and white movies always remind me of sleepover with my older sister, we watched the midnight movies together, old B&W horror movies, you know the ones where the lead female has the most perfect scream. 
Later today Will and George is here mummy has an hospital appointment, so it's nanna duties, I stripped and remade our bed, so I will iron it later once dry and then everything is sorted.  So plenty of play time and watch a movie, chocolate may also be involved. 

Still not done any crafting, I'm not in the mindset, I have a blanket to finish for George and knitting for both Will and George, but the days after Christmas is always time I find my crafting mojo back. 


  1. I find the problem with gardening books is that you choose lovely plants from them, go to the garden centres hoping to purchase them and you can't find them for love nor money. I do the opposite now, look what's available in the garden centres and then do a bit of research when I know what's available. I do love looking through the books though, so many beautiful plants. You got a good deal on that book in the end. I've read many books this year which I wouldn't usually have picked up, I ran out of books to read and was forced during lockdown to look what was available to download on my Kindle. I chose many of the daily deals and ended up enjoying some really good books. I love It's A Wonderful Life, one of my favourite Christmas films. I watched it this year whilst wrapping presents. Enjoy your day with the boys.

  2. My downfall has always been, I see a plant I like and I purchase it before checking if it will grow in our heavy clay, and sadly many don't.

  3. I like Nick Bailey too. Our garden was very neglected and his book about how to revive gardens was a great help.

  4. A movie has to have chocolate with it - that's what makes it so special! :)

  5. Just found you whilst blog hopping . I’ve never seen It’s a Wonderful Life, was chatting about it with friends earlier and apparently it’s on tomorrow afternoon so that’s me sorted!

  6. Love, love, love It's a Wonderful Life. Christmas isn't Christmas unless I watch that movie and a couple of others.

    God bless.



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