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Monday, 14 December 2020

Mid way

My new bargain yellow sandals arrived, these are from Clarks outlet online, I buy lots from them, reduced from £66 to £20, and bonus they are tan not yellow, leather all over and very sturdy, perfect bargain. I am happy to buy clothes and shoes out of season, my size and taste does not change, I do love a bargain. 
I am so pleased both my Amaryllis bulbs have a shoot which looks like a flower tip, I have everything crossed these grow and bloom. 
I planted Hyacinth bulbs, I never get on well with these, not having a dark airing cupboard has always been the issue, so I popped these under my desk by the radiator, I am hoping I can get these to a nice height. 
We have started using our Christmas mugs, I love my Robin one. I don't have much Christmas China, I have a jug and a dish, I do love plain white China. 
December is marching on, we have another busy week, so blink and it will be the weekend again. Most of Christmas things have been done, I have my parcel ready for collection and then delivery to my sister. I am going to do our Christmas cake this afternoon, I will marble the top icing on the cake, I have not done this before and hope I can get it looking right. I do have a spare pack of icing if it goes wrong, how's that for positive thinking. 

I caught up with the ironing, but I have another load drying, so soon there will be more. I aim to give the house a big clean next Monday, I can't relax even on Christmas day if there are things which need doing, I always clean the house before we go on holiday, so I can enjoy my break. Hubby is relaxing which is good, the swelling is going down, it still aches, we can see improvement, most afternoons we sit and read, I'm not crafting, which is Ok. 

I will walk to the village today, I have a few things to sort and a couple of cards to post, our fruit and veg shop is closed on a Monday so I will have to pop back tomorrow to fill the fruit dish. 


  1. I too buy from Clarks Outlet store. I have to have Clarks because I am a 4.5 and they do half sizes. And touch wood I've never not had a pair that doesn't fit. Like you I buy out of season because I am more comfort than fashion kinda person. Looking forward to seeing your cake. We have sunshine and a strong breeze so I'm actually getting stuff dry on the line for once.

  2. I have dodgy feet and wear those toe thong sandals all of the time, winter and summer. Otherwise it would be wellies in the winter and flip flops in the summer. lol

  3. That's such a good bargain from Clarks. I love their shoes but couldn't wear shoes with a post between my toes, they'd rub. Good news about the amaryllis bulbs, it does look like a shoot on each one so they should both flower after all.

  4. Your new sandals look great and what a bargain :)

    Hope the week ahead is a good one for you.

    All the best Jan

  5. OOO I love a bargain! They'll be even comfier! I planted some snow glories last week in a tub in the garden - looking forward to some early purple faces in the garden!

  6. Oh, those sandals are gorgeous. Love the tan colour and what a bargain!!

    Your plants are really taking off.

    God bless.



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