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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Couple of finishes

Book 78 read this year, this was in my December books from our library, I loved it, great story line, brilliant twist at the end, I could not put this book down. Already started my next book.
Christmas cake is done, I have never made marbled icing before, I did cheat and purchase white ready to roll, and some coloured packs, you roll out the white into 2 sausages you add the colours, using much less and different amounts for all colours, roll them until they blend, then twist together a quick roll and then curl like a Chelsea bun, and roll flat. As you can see it's not quite there, I should have used less colour and twisted more, but I'm happy with our colourful simple cake. 
I managed to clean the house, both bathrooms and steam clean the floors, I always add Zoflora lemon to the steamer, so our wooden floors, kitchen and bathroom smell lovely. I am happy chores are up to date, hubby normally does laundry and ironing and cooks most days, I am doing everything, I'm exhausted each evening and I'm sleeping well. Luckily the garden is resting and I don't have my work outside, it's been heaven not to have our Magnolia leaves to pick up this year. 
Hubby had a check up at fracture clinic, he's healing well, the bones are staying aligned, and they expect no issues, he has been told the boot stays on to mid January, which after he told me, I saw he realised his mistake, now he won't get it removed any earlier. 
Last night we had George on his 2nd sleepover, he is such a good little boy, so happy. This morning mummy has taken Will to his last swimming lesson of this year, they will be here later this morning, we have bread baking and a pizza for Will's lunch. It's market day in the village and wet, so we have no plans to go out. 
I am managing to stay upbeat, with virus and brexit doom and gloom everywhere, we have enough store cupboard and freezer items, we should not need to shop outside of our village for a couple of months. The new Tesco small store is due to open before the end of the year, but I don't plan to use it much. 


  1. What an unusual Christmas cake, you've made a good job of it. Glad to hear that your hubby's ankle is mending, these things can take some time but it sounds like he's being good and resting it.

  2. I like that cake, you have broken the rules and done something unusual, love it.
    Don't let the *****get you down, it will all pass and why should we allow our lives to be miserable.
    Will add that book to my list, thanks for sharing.

  3. Oooh I had to go over to |Amazon and have a look at that book, it does sound good.

    The smell of lovely freshly steamed floors is wonderful isn't it, even if the dogs then walk in half the mud of the paddock I enjoy them while they last :-)

  4. Your Christmas cake is unique and will taste delicious i'm sure. I do everything in the house, the cooking and the garden, but I'm a control freak and like things done my way so can't complain I suppose, although I would gladly give up the cooking :-) Glad your hubby is on the mend, at least he's not missing out on anything because there is nothing open and nowhere to go :-)

    1. Hubby is really bored, he not able to walk to village, neither of us spend much time watching TV, so keeping him rested and entertained us a struggle.



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