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Saturday, 30 March 2019

Loads in

I am already wearing the green shoes, they are so comfortable, these were purchased for our trip to Spain next week. I threw away 2 pairs of sandals last summer, they were scruffy. This is a big moment for me, the last time I purchased any foot wear was August 2017, seen here. I went the whole of last year without purchasing anything, and should not need any more foot wear this year.
 This is so cool, we are looking for gifts to take to Spain, Izzy never spends money on herself, so I wanted something nice. In Boots, it's Ted Baker and has products in, on shelf for £26, but at the till I paid £1.33, daughter went and purchased the last one on the shelf for herself. I never get a bargain like this, so chuffed. 
Eldest daughter has loads of these crochet kit boxes, she is not using them, so she passed 4 to me, I do want to try different patterns for crochet. The only box I won't make up as the design are the 4 balls of cotton in the bottom right corner, I love these colours, but don't require a long thin scarf. I have other cotton 4ply leftovers I can use with these, and make something else, not sure what at this moment. 
 Each box has yarn, stuffing if required, a hook, a charm, a postcard and a small booklet with the design and instructions in. One box has a dog soft toy, I will start with that one first. What lovely boxes to pass on. 
Thursday was a relax day, we popped to town and only got the things on my shopping list, had a fantastic lunch with younger daughter, no Will he was at nursery. We got home mid afternoon, for a relax, then I went to eldest daughters for tea, with both Josh and Sam, plus their step brother Ethan, Pizza for tea and loads of laughter. How quickly the boys are growing up.
Friday Will and mummy popped over, I had Will for the afternoon, mummy is away in Dublin for the weekend, daddy was at work. We had a lazy evening, we played in the garden all day, it's staggering how much energy a 2year old has, compared to his Nanna and Grancha.
Saturday we have housework, laundry and time in the garden, ensuring everything is good before we are away again.
I have almost finished my jumper, it will be going to Spain with me, I am so pleased, I have been asked by grandson Sam to make him a jumper, the same round neck knit down pattern, but knitted in black, thank goodness it's summer light nights. I will order the yarn once we are back home.


  1. Those green sandals look lovely. Enjoy your trip to Spain.

  2. Love your bargain! You really feel like you've won a prize when you get such a great deal. Those project boxes are great also. So nice to have everything you need in one box. It sounds like you've had a really nice few days!

  3. Those sandals are very cute, especially good that they are comfortable!

  4. 4 super boxes, what a nice treat they are.



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