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Friday, 22 March 2019

Tidy and tired

This is the last head of blooms, pure joy from this bulb.
 3 stems, one dead
one dying
one in full blossom
 Flowers here soon, this lives in our bathroom.
 No before photo's, just a perfect tidy shed, with still some of my garden ornaments inside, I will wait until April, before putting them back in the garden.
 The shed has been moved back just under three foot, the back is now close to the dividing fence, it's tucked behind the garage. It's not a huge space, but in my tiny garden it nice to have any extra space, I can use this area when planting and sorting my pots. I have a white arch in front of my shed, I am hoping the honeysuckle will grow around it. 
 The whole area has been sorted, a couple of pots have been placed by the greenhouse, and the huge blue one filled with tulips has been moved, so we can see it from the house. I had placed some of my signs which I love. 
Wednesday was a really busy day, the shed at first would not move, but hubby used his cunning plan and we got it pushed back into it's new spot. I emptied everything and sorted, it was a lot of work for such a small space, hubby spent time cleaning his garage. It was pleasing to see no damp spots inside my shed, I worked outside until just after 3pm, then had the best shower ever, and spent the rest of the day, knitting and reading.
I planted the bulbs purchased on my day out with my sister, plus a couple other items. I want to dig out my white sink, not sure what I will plant, something bright.
Yesterday and today I have been at home, we are having our new windows and doors fitted, they work clean and quick, which is good. I hope to spend some more time in my greenhouse today, nothing much to do, just the joy of being outside. I have done loads more to my 2018 blog book, I'm about a third of the way through, I hope to do some more today.


  1. That sounds like a really busy day but it will be good to have the extra space, no matter how small. Your shed is lovely and tidy, I daren't show photos of mine!

    1. It's a working shed, so it has to be tidy, so I can find things, but having said that, I think you know me well enough to know I like things tidy.

  2. Sounds like you had a very busy day in the garden. Well done on getting the shed moved - that can't have been easy!

  3. I would love to have lilies of any kind indoors but they are poisonous to cats. I didn't know this until my niece's cat ate some and nearly died.
    Your shed put's mine to shame. lol

    1. I have lillies in the garden as well, I have 2 cats but they keep well away.

  4. Sometimes its the little ideas that end up being the most work😁 my armarlylis had 3 blooms but shot up so fast it got unbalanced and snapped😚

  5. We too have a cactus in the bathroom although mine an apricot colour, its flowering very well like yours this year.

  6. Your shed looks so tidy :)

    All the best Jan



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